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    West Coast Swing Workshops With WENDY MILLER March 19th-20th 2010

    Wendy Miller started classical training when she was four years old. Dancing ballet until she was 14, she than added contemporary dance, jazz, musical theater, ballroom, even danced drill team and African dance. She later taught creative movement, jazz and contemporary dance as well as performed with O-T-O Dance, a contemporary dance company. In 2000, a friend dragged her to a west coast swing dance and she was enthralled. Everyone was having so much fun dancing with each other and they were so friendly! She was hooked. She signed up for lessons that night.

    Wendy worked as a fitness instructor and massage therapist for many years, which gave her a deep understanding of anatomy and physiology and how the body works in motion. She loves to obsess about the physics of movement and how it helps us find joy and ease in our dancing.

    For most of the year, Wendy lives in Tucson, Arizona, with her husband Scott and her 3 boys. In the summer they escape to Wisconsin (who wouldn't?). She teaches in both locations, at dance conventions and at weekend workshops around the world.
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    Wendy Miller is a dance goddess; I can watch her dance for hours! Wish I was in Utah in March:)

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