Tango Argentino > What are the 5 top reasons that make a man ask a woman to dance? Beauty comes first?

Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by Paula M, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. JTh

    JTh Member

    Correct. Especially for beginners. They are thinking and concentrating to get their moves right rather than focussing on how it feels..
  2. dchester

    dchester Moderator Staff Member

    Truth ^

  3. Vincenze

    Vincenze Member

    You can't change your age, but you can exercise and get an athletic and slim body. It's one of the best ways to improve your desirability.
  4. Mladenac

    Mladenac Well-Known Member

    Being happy and cheerful improves desirability more than having slim shape
  5. Vincenze

    Vincenze Member

    "Do nothing, just be happy. Maybe, somebody will notice you."

    Certainly, when a dance ends with the partner's smile, it encourages you to invite her more.
  6. snapdancer

    snapdancer Well-Known Member

    Who wants to ask someone who has a scowl on her face to dance?
  7. itwillhappen

    itwillhappen Active Member

    Yes, but here around is a marked shortage of leaders.
    I don't know advanced leaders that are interested in the top-5 reasons for a woman to accept an invitation.
    Standing outside of such hierarchies as a lonesome wolf on foreign milongas has some advantages - in my opinion.
  8. Chrisa Assis

    Chrisa Assis Member

    Well, learning Tango as a dance, in my opion happens in classes--groups or privates--in practicas and in personal practices with and/or without a partner.
    The milonga is the place to learn about Tango as a social event. And though you might be able to find a more detailed response in other threads, I want to grab the opportunity and connect my answer to your question with the title of this thread.
    When you to a milonga analyze it as a social event. So say you are sitting a lot and people are not asking you to dance. Notice the environment, how people are dressed, how they are behaving. Are most of them there with a group or as couples or are there a lot single people? If there are more sinlge people where are they sitting? Compare that to how you fit in, what you are wearing, where you are sitting etc? Then notice the people who are dancing a lot who are they? Who are they dancing with? Where do they sit? How do they socially behave--are they using the cabeceo or not?

    In a few words take the time to learn the community from the inside out. It is vital to your progress in Tango. And then learn how to become a part of this community. It is a social skill not a dance skill. Learn your community and then learn how you can becoma a part of it...

    It is almost like moving to a new city, you need to walk through it, to find the backstreets and hidden gems.
    And though it might look like that the sexier and fancier people get to have all the fun... always remember things are not always as they appear to be! ;)
  9. JTh

    JTh Member

    Let me be clear: the biggest reason why a male wants to dance with a female is if she is young, slim, pretty, showing some skin...
    This is only natural that this would be the case. Works vice versa as well.
    However, it's not a runaway factor...but I'd say narrowly the first on the list.
    Other high ranking factors include competency, pleasing personality, 'looking like fun (to dance with) etc..
    In my view, these other factors if combined greatly outweigh the pretty hot thing factor.. So.. For followers out there who don't have the looks of Miranda Kerr... Not to worry...not many do!!! Just focus on some of the other factors and you will be very likely to get asked to dance. :)
  10. davedove

    davedove Well-Known Member

    It's important to remember that the pretty young thing might get asked first, but if she doesn't have anything else going for her she won't be asked again by the same gent.

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  11. Mladenac

    Mladenac Well-Known Member

    Some of the young and pretty girls were just girls who were young and pretty.
    With all insecurities that are usually connected with that period of life.

    Some are not noticed until you dance with them.

    Some guys who dance longer are not mesmerized so much by the youth and beauty, they might change their focus on other qualities of dancing partners.
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  12. dchester

    dchester Moderator Staff Member

    Let me be clear, you're speaking for yourself, and not every other male.

    Not every man wants the same thing, just like not every woman wants the same thing.
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  13. LadyLeader

    LadyLeader Active Member

    We have a new follower in town. I think she is maybe 40+ and she is an experienced dancer. The special with her is that her dance is very visible and she is dancing with her whole body. Her movements are very beautiful and when she is on the floor you notice her and that is valid for both leaders and other followers!

    It is totally impossible to get a dance with her by an ordinary cabeceo because she is occupied all the time. You need to cruise around her, talk with her or invite her during the cortina. When I got my tanda with her we were three of us leaders around her and now several days afterwards i am still thinking of that tanda and looking forward to the next one.

    It is a kind of obsession i have never before seen among us leaders here.

    It is not about the looks, about the age but it is totally about her unique dance.
  14. LadyLeader

    LadyLeader Active Member

    I think the character of event is important too for a successful night.

    When i am in a milonga where the visitors are mostly experienced dancers i am not often inviting beginners or people i don't know. During these nights i want to dance at the core or edge of my skill and therefore i need the followers to match me.

    On other hand i love some very informal nights and there i have tandas with my friends and many others in a happy mix.

    So you maybe need to go around to find the event where you feel at home! and where people will invite you!
  15. JTh

    JTh Member

    Yes, very true. If it's not enjoyable, beauty alone won't get you far...
  16. JTh

    JTh Member

    Of course I'm generalizing. No one can definitely say every man wants this as the top reason...generally though...it stands to reason that it's true...and probably same for women..they too would like to be invited by attractive young gents...
    This thread is subjective in its question...you will not get absolutes for answers that apply equally to all.
  17. JTh

    JTh Member

    I agree with this...I am also commenting going on my experience thus far (class, practicas. Milongas) where even the older gents( dancing for years) gravitate to the young hot Victoria's secret types..
  18. Mladenac

    Mladenac Well-Known Member

    I dance for years and like followers with enthusiasm and joy.
    Many long-term followers lost that during countless optimizations done in the class.
    So they are afraid to make mistake, even when they don't make them they "hear" the teacher complaining.

    And some are attracted by the look, but when you embrace them, the look is gone.
    I met some gorgeous women and ran away after dancing.
    Looks are not everything, it may be helpful but it may be a burden.
  19. itwillhappen

    itwillhappen Active Member

    My SO would not be amused if I behave so silly to place an invitation.
    Maybe even more it's not because a superior look but superior dance skills.
    So my clear Top-1 is to avoid such an apperance - cabeceo rules! :eek:
  20. sixela

    sixela Well-Known Member

    Jeez -- 28 pages and we still haven't figured out what makes a man ask a woman to dance -- the cause is lost (not that I've even figured it out for me personally after 28 years, mind you, so it figures).

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