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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by yoyao, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. dadutchdancer

    dadutchdancer New Member

    im a truck mechanic(mecomic more likely:p:p)
  2. Vince A

    Vince A Active Member

    A comic, eh? One of my life's little ambitions is to do stand up comedy . . . at least one time! . . . mecomic . . . nice new word to use!!!
  3. Patapouf

    Patapouf New Member

    I'm a professional slave. :shock: :lol:

    (Hint: in my dictionary, slave and graduate student are the same) :roll:
  4. tacad

    tacad New Member


    What do you study?
  5. Patapouf

    Patapouf New Member

    Chemical Engineering.

    Since I'm close to finishing, I might have been promoted to professional slave master, working for the master of master.... :roll:
  6. tacad

    tacad New Member


    Are you washing your advisor's car? Giving free dance lessons?
  7. DancePoet

    DancePoet Well-Known Member

    And I'm very selective, too. ;)
  8. DWise1

    DWise1 Well-Known Member

    Hmm, could have sworn that I had replied to this one.

    Software engineer. Mostly embedded software written in C.
  9. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Ah ha!!! That explains a lot. :wink: :roll:

    Was it you who talked about assembly language programming? I thought that language was dead and gone -- I did it in college -- but I thought it was dead. Then, several months back, I saw a job posting looking for an assembly language programmer. :shock: :?

    What's up with that? :?
  10. DWise1

    DWise1 Well-Known Member

    Hmm. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to take that.

    Oh, assembly language is very much alive and well. That is, afer all, the only language that the computer understands natively; all the programs written in any of the other programming languages has to be translated or interpreted into assembly for the computer to understand it. OK, so actually assembly is the human-readable form of the machine code which is the only language that the computer understands, but you get the idea.

    Although most programming is done in higher-level languages instead of in assembly, there are still projects that require assembly, such as device drivers and really-time-critical operations like computer-game graphics (though I wouldn't be surprised if there weren't some highly optimized special compilers for those graphics). And we do have some very low-level functionality in our projects that we could only have accomplished in assembly.
  11. Keith & Rita

    Keith & Rita Member

    I am part owner of a metal fabrication business and Rita is a civilian employee of our county's Sheriff Dept.
  12. squirrel

    squirrel New Member

    Welcome to the Dance Forums, Keith and Rita!
  13. Keith & Rita

    Keith & Rita Member

    Thank you Raluca! :D :D
  14. luh

    luh Active Member

    high school student - living still at home - i can tell you - it s*cks :evil:
  15. kansas49er

    kansas49er New Member

    For a living, I am a design engineer for an aircraft company. For life,
    I am a volunteer firefighter and EMT, a part time antiques dealer, grandfather, and a learning dancer.
  16. Leah

    Leah New Member

    Hmmm. I study people's brains? (Or I procrastinate on-line when I should be studying their brains?) But that's OK they're post-mortem so they're not going anywhere ;)
  17. ArmySwingMan

    ArmySwingMan New Member

    Name Says It Most

    I have been a Criminal/Intelligence Analyst for the US Army. That's been the first 10 years of my career and now I'm adjusting to a new area of study that involves flight and a ton of electronics.

    The whole dance thing doesn't go over very well with extremely conservative soldiers that don't want more than to drink and . . to drink more!
  18. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    Re: Name Says It Most

    And you are in the right position to do a little influencing? Welcome ASM. :)
  19. ArmySwingMan

    ArmySwingMan New Member


    Influence exists for those who want to exert it on other people. I'm a more laid-back soldier that does a lot of listening and doesn't brag about nightly exploits or praying to porcelain gods. There is a way to be a cool character but there are definitely more high-speed people than me who exert what they think they know.
  20. Tenshi_no_Pocky

    Tenshi_no_Pocky New Member

    study study

    I am a student at a local community college with no certain direction. Basically, I am like a chicken with its head cut off. I hope to figure out what I am going to major in soon. I used to work part-time at a Taco Bell but, I no longer work there. I hope to hold another part-time job soon outside the fast food industry. (not career, PART-TIME) lol

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