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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by Spitfire, Sep 8, 2003.

  1. Guarachero

    Guarachero New Member

    Well here where I am, people don't know it either :) They dance Salsa to every thing :shock: With the exception of two Dominicans, all others just move. Two weeks ago I dance Punta and people aplauded like crazy. Heck, I danced Punta in Tegusigalpa and no body noticed it.

    You need to educate people there to get familiar with Bachata. Just do it every time you can, so they get to know it. Just teach them :banana:
  2. hopelessly_addicted

    hopelessly_addicted New Member

    I still feel awkard sometimes doing the bachata sides steps and hip thingy so am in no position to teach :oops:

    What is Punta, Guarachero?
  3. pelao

    pelao New Member

    I've never seen van, I heard about it once, but that was it. Punta is an afro-honduran music - it was a rhythm brought by garifuna tribes of africa to the northern coast of honduras. Its very popular with central americans in addition to hondurans. They play it a lot around here cause of the huge central american population here, but its known with most other latin american countries. I remember one when i was little, sopa de caracoles, was so popular it played everywhere from south america to north america.

    heres a little something about the garifuna and punta:
  4. Guarachero

    Guarachero New Member



    Here in US Midwest there are not many who know Punta. They hear it and dance whatever they can, some attempt Salsa, others Merengue and others just stand around.

    The issue with Punta is that the footwork is so fast, that new Salseros can't learn it by watching. They prefer to stand and look at your feet. Now, when you finish most Latinos will applaud. But remember, you can't expect the snoby new Salseros to applaud you.
  5. hopelessly_addicted

    hopelessly_addicted New Member

    :oops: am officially deaf... I asked my friend again regarding this and he said "son", not "van" :oops: :oops:

    Ok... I was not too pressed in admitting my atrocious mistake, untill I read the below and the lighblub went on :idea: :D

    So there.. it's not all that odd that my cuban friend's son looked similar to bachata....
  6. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    Son... Leader step to the left on 4(slow), then bring right foot together(quick), then left foot(quick), then mirror what you just did to finish the 8 count. Certain distinctive moves are done to it such as cross body lead, follower going around ledaer with hands up once. Leader balancing on one foot and rotating as follower moves around him...
  7. bachataluv

    bachataluv New Member

    Obsessed with Bachata -Brooklyn, NY

    I just loooove bachata. I've only danced it a few times with a guy from DR.
    I get frustrated looking at everyone dancing because I don't yet dance well.
  8. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    Re: Obsessed with Bachata -Brooklyn, NY

    PUt the music on when alone and practice. You'll get it. :)
  9. rhythm mouse

    rhythm mouse New Member

    Sagitta - is there anything you don't do?
  10. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    One of the marks of a generalist. :wink:

    I just saw it demonstrated, and did a bit once...that's all. If you asked me to dance it now I think I would be hard pressed to do so. :oops:
  11. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    One wonderful bachata tonight. I have been having a hard time with bachata for a while and then danecd with this girl whom I taught bachata a while back. It clicked and we played. :banana: :bouncy: :banana: Oh I'm still shaking over it. I got the bachata once again. :banana:
  12. Medira

    Medira New Member

    Yay Sagitta! That's wonderful!
  13. New Member

    Bachata Dancing at The Cockfights

    Dominicans dance Bachata EVERY WHERE. I don't know of a sing Dominican that ahs ever taken a lesson to dance Bachata. I shot some video a few yeasr back of a couple dancing bachata at the cock fights.I was working on a TV Pilot called "The Monkey and The Rooster". I was hired mostly to translate and act as a guide. In the end I wound up shooting some b roll etc.

    I found it ironic that in the ame room they used to apply the talons to the roosters who were basically being prepared to fight to the death. . . .there was a couple dancing Bacahata!

    Take a look at the video and I am sure you will agree that it is not the type of dancing you learn in most schools. It is in the blood of Dominican people and they are surrounded by music 24-7. Bachata is blaring from nearly every car and every colmado in the Dominican Republic.
  14. Lucretia

    Lucretia New Member , great clip!
    Must be a strange feeling, the force of both death & life & love in the same room. But I want moooooore dance. Can you publish the whole song & dance?

  15. sac76

    sac76 New Member

    yeah would really appreciate if you could post more links or video clips of bachata...cant get enough of it:)
  16. BrookeErin

    BrookeErin New Member

    I appreciate the clips, as well. Interesting note... they seem to pause on the four, rather than some sort of particular emphasis. I've seen emphasis ranging from hip lift to leg lift to foot tap to kick, but never a pause like that. Their hip motion is greater than what I generally see in Indianapolis. It's been a while since I've watched bachata in Chicago (I'm always dancing)...

    I've been told a lot recently that I dance bachata differently than just about everyone else in Indy (and in a good way). It earned me a free ride to Chicago the first time one of my favorite leads danced bachata with me. I know I have a few "moves" that no one else here does (thank you DF and online videos), but a friend I consider a very good dancer told me she thinks I take smaller steps than the majority of Indianapolis dancers.

    I feel like I've kind of plataued with bachata. I'm certainly not getting much challenge. Any new ideas or suggestions?
  17. cierre boca y baile

    cierre boca y baile New Member

    I'm not sure exactly what would be new for you, but if your comfortable with your partner, be playful and sexy and just have fun with it. Do things like caress your partners face just before a turn or run you fingers through their hair. One move I have started doing recently is do a basic 1,2,3,hip, 5,6,7,hip (guy takes the girls rt hand with his rt hand here) then back break on 1,2, on 3 the guy does a kind of J with is rt hand bringing the girl so her back is to his rt front. He then takes her left hand in his and places his rt hand on her right hip. The guy has to adjust for the lady, so you start back counting 1,2,3 hip doing a basic again. As you are coming back on 5,6,7 the guy takes the girls left hand and bendng at the elbow places it behind his head, then starting at her elbow very slowly runs the side of his hand down her arm, along her side coming back to rest at her left hip. At this point when the girls hand is placed on the back of the guys head, if the girl is really cool :), she starts playing with his hair. It may not come across very well trying to explain it. Sorry not video, YET! :)

    Since there aren't a lot of bachata videos out there, I'd say the best way to get new moves and ideas, is to watch a lot of other styles of dancing and when you see some cool sexy little move they do, figure out how to incorporate it into bachata.

    Some new songs I've found recently that I recommend are:
    Honey, I Do - Extreme
    Ven Tu - Dominic Marte
    la quiero - Dominic Marte
    Un Beso - Aventura
    Me Extrana En La Manana - Aventura
  18. sac76

    sac76 New Member

    hmmm trying to figure it out...guess u learn more watching the videos:(
  19. BugBear

    BugBear New Member

    My instructors reffered to it as the blues of the latin world :D And I don't think I can dance bachata with just any girl. There are a few that would let me hold them close enough though ;)
    I've talked to a few people and the popular opinion is that when it comes to watching, bachata is probably the most boring of the latin dances. But when we talk about dancing..... well, that's a different story :rolleyes:
  20. Twilight_Elena

    Twilight_Elena Well-Known Member

    My bachata story (mentioned it in other threads as well).
    Went dancing in my ballroom practice party as usual, and bachata came on, as usual. Usually, you can see maybe 2 couples on the entire dancefloor that dance the bachata the way it's supposed to be danced (i.e. no open hold position stuff, no stiff ballroom holds, but the real hug sort of hold). So this guy I've never danced with or seen there before asks me to dance. We start off with the classic closed hold, which was, admittedly, close. He comments on my "fluid, soft movement". I raise my eyebrows in disbelief and say "thanks a lot, I had a really good teacher". We talk for a bit while dancing. I tell him I've learnt dancing in said school that was trhowing the party. He tells me he learnt in clubs. He had a great, great lead and a very steady, safe to be in hold.
    Song ends. We dance a salsa after a while, which was unlike anything I've ever danced before (I couldn't tell you what I was doing if you asked me, I was just following and it felt like I was dancing a dance totally unknown to me) and then after a while we danced another bachata.
    Started off with the same hold, then after a while he asked for my permission to get closer. (Let me make a small comment here: it really touched me. Most guys don't ask for any sort of permission to get close to you, or even say "is that okay?" So I was touched.) After that the whole thing is a blur to me. My mind went blank, except for some detached thoughts that went "That feels GOOD". You know how it is when the guy is really tender and you are moving perfectly together? That kind of thing. There was no distance between our bodies or strange inhibitions. We were just dancing together and it was perfect. Can't find any words say this in a more eloquent way.
    Really nice guy. Really great dance. Have never danced a better bachata in my life (which might not say much as my experience is limited, but still). Now I'm just hoping he'll become a regular. ;)

    Twilight Elena

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