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Discussion in 'Swing Discussion Boards' started by Maggy, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. Maggy

    Maggy New Member

    Does anyone know anything about soliptwisting? All i know is this online definition.

    Soliptwisters dance exclusively alone usually in domestic settings when nobody else is around. Sometimes this is filmed on a web camera.

    Soliptwisting or Soliptwism ; combines Solipsism (The philosophical belief that doubts the existence of others as a projection of the self) and the dance "the twist".

    I heard that there is a whole elaborate internet subculture surrounding it. Any
    one know much about it?
  2. Spitfire

    Spitfire Well-Known Member

    No, never heard of it.
  3. Subliminal

    Subliminal Well-Known Member

    *checks calendar*

    No, it's not April Fools. Hmm.
  4. opendoor

    opendoor Well-Known Member

    Re: Soliptwisters

    Hi Maggy, interesting thread, but, solipsism questions the existance of an outside world and leads to an all-in-one understanding. And then it makes no difference whether dreaming of dancing, or dancing alone, or with a partner, or in a group, ..... , doesn´t it?
  5. bordertangoman

    bordertangoman Well-Known Member

    ah , i might be one but how can I be sure that you are asking the question or am I just imagining that there is a you that is asking the question, in fact how can I be sure there is a me, for after all while it appears to be a me i cant find any proof.

    MAN: ***** ***** ***** . . . coochicoochicoochi . . . ***** want his fish? Nice piece of fish . . . ***** want it? ***** not eat his fish, ***** get thin and waste away, I think. I imagine this is what will happen, but how can I tell? I think it's better if I don't get involved. I think fish is nice, but then I think that rain is wet so who am I to judge? Ah, you're eating it.

    I like it when I see you eat the fish, because in my mind you will waste away if you don't.

    Fish come from far away, or so I'm told. Or so I imagine I'm told. When the men come, or when in my mind the men come in their six black shiny ships do they come in your mind too? What do you see, *****? And when I hear their questions, all their many questions do you hear questions? Perhaps you just think they're singing songs to you. Perhaps they are singing songs to you and I just think they're asking me questions. Do you think they came today? I do. There's mud on the floor, cigarettes and whisky on my table, fish in your plate and a memory of them in my mind. And look what else they've left me. Crosswords, dictionaries and a calculator. I think I must be right in thinking they ask me questions. To come all that way and leave all these things just for the privilege of singing songs to you would be very strange behaviour. Or so it seems to me. Who can tell, who can tell.

    . . . .

    MAN: I think I saw another ship in the sky today. A big white one. I've never seen a big white one. Only six small black ones. Perhaps six small black ones can look like one big white one. Perhaps I would like a glass of whisky. Yes, that seems more likely.

    . . . .

    Perhaps some different people are coming to see me.

    . . . .

    MAN: Hello?

    FORD PREFECT: Er, excuse me, do you rule the Universe?

    MAN: I try not to. Are you wet?

    FORD: Wet! Well, doesn't it look as if we're wet?

    MAN: That's how it looks to me, but how you feel about it might be a different matter. If you find warmth makes you feel dry you'd better come in.

    . . . .

    ZAPHOD BEEBLEBROX: Er, man, like what's your name?

    MAN: I don't know. Why, do you think I ought to have one? It seems odd to give a bundle of vague sensory perceptions a name.

    ZARNIWOOP: Listen. We must ask you some questions.

    MAN: All right. You can sing to my cat if you like.

    ARTHUR DENT: Would he like that?

    MAN: You'd better ask him that.

    ZARNIWOOP: How long have you been ruling the Universe?

    MAN: Ah, this is a question about the past is it?


    MAN: How can I tell that the past isn't a fiction designed to account for the discrepancy between my immediate physical sensations and my state of mind?

    ZARNIWOOP: Do you answer all questions like this?

    MAN: I say what it occurs to me to say when I think I hear people say things. More I cannot say.

    . . . .

    ZARNIWOOP: No. Listen. People come to you, yes?

    MAN: I think so.

    ZARNIWOOP: And they ask you to take decisions—about wars, about economies, about people, about everything going on out there in the Universe?

    MAN: I only decide about my Universe. My Universe is what happens to my eyes and ears. Anything else is surmise and hearsay. For all I know, these people may not exist. You may not exist. I say what it occurs to me to say.

    ZARNIWOOP: But don't you see? What you decide affects the fate of millions of people.

    MAN: I don't know them, I've never met them. They only exist in words I think I hear. The men who come say to me, say, so and so wants to declare what we call a war. These are the facts, what do you think? And I say. Sometimes it's a smaller thing. . . .

    . . . .

    MAN: But it's folly to say you know what is happening to other people. Only they know. If they exist.

    ZARNIWOOP: Do you think they do?

    MAN: I have no opinion. How can I have?

    ZARNIWOOP: I have.

    MAN: So you say—or so I hear you say.

    . . . .

    ZARNIWOOP: But don't you see that people live or die on your word?

    MAN: It's nothing to do with me, I am not involved with people. The Lord knows I am not a cruel man.

    ZARNIWOOP: Ah! You say . . . the Lord! You believe in . . .

    MAN: My cat. I call him the Lord. I am kind to him.

    ZARNIWOOP: All right. How do you know he exists? How do you know he knows you to be kind, or enjoys what you think of as your kindness?

    MAN: I don't. I have no idea. It merely pleases me to behave in a certain way to what appears to be a cat. What else do you do? Please I am tired.

    . . . .(asterisks = the censored word for domestic cat)
  6. major swing

    major swing Member

    i dance at home when doing the dishes sometimes, that must be what im doing then?????

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