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Discussion in 'Videos' started by jantango, Jun 26, 2010.

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    Thank you Jan i really enjoyed that short but informative video...And nothing beats hearing tango being spoken about in such an emotional way by people who live it...
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    What are Tango !

    Thanks for posting Jan, I like this video. But, I would title it "what is embrace", not "what is tango". And, by the way, "what is tango" does not work for another reason. There are so many different approaches to TA, and the one shown, is only one. Mine is different, with the Bandoneón in the middle, and it´s traces back into the Erzgebirge (Krušné hory, Ore Mountains) in the east of Europe. Then, the halls of the reception camps near the habour of my hometown were all the emigrants met and put together their music with the habanera tunes of the sailors, and so on! The boarding bridges at the river Elbe where the hope for a new life arose.

    St.Pauli (City of Hamburg) is closer to the La Plata than San Telmo (Bs.As)
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    I think they were going for, "what is tango, to them", not anyone else.

    BTW, great video Jan.
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    I like it as a dancer’s approach. What would be a musician’s answer?

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