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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by yoyao, Sep 24, 2003.

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    as topic
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    I gotta add Joe Arroyo - 'Fuego in mi mente' I LOVE this song!
  4. borikensalsero

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    Maybe not a spefic song but a style...

    I'm into the slower salsa (son montuno) like... I go nuts when the trombones play, the violin, or the flute. A wild cuatro ins't too much to ask for either. Those songs that not only speak with the instruments but have lyrics to die for. Slow enough for me to accent every one movement yet fast enough as not to look cha-chaish... Where I can drag the feet and finish the move with a shoulder roll, or a hand slap, or even a facial expression... Care for Dance anyone?

    I.E. - La Catera, By Harlow - Papo Pa' Mi, By Harlow - Que Bien Te Vez, By Lavoe - El Paso De Encarnacio, By Harlow - Guajira Ven, By Lavoe - Ojos Chinos - By El Gran Combo :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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    That’s the worst thing being a new salsaholic. I don’t get the lyrics. Most of the time, not even a clue to what the song is about. Maybe it is time to learn some Spanish, after the steps and patterns. :roll:
  6. borikensalsero

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    If you have a few fav salsa songs and I have them in my collection, I would have no problems writting the lyrics for you both in Spanish and English. In spanish so you can sing along, and English so you know what it means. Must say that my collection is limited to the classics. Salsa from the 70s to mid 80s. I have some relatively newer stuff (late 80s) but nothing, I mean nothing new. So if it came out after 1990 or late 80s and isn't El Gran Combo I must likely bought the CD steped on it in hopes to get them off the shelves. :twisted: I have around 230 CDs, with something like 3,000 titles, so ask away Danish Guy. The offer is exteneded to the rest of Dance-Forums as well. And I'll promise not to add my own lyrics to the songs when I translate them. :twisted:
  7. DanceMentor

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    That's quite an offer!
    I'm curious what Cali Pachanguera is about. I use this song in almost every class I teach, but I don't really know what it means. :lol:
  8. borikensalsero

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    Yes indeed, I've gotten so much from this site that it is the least I could do for you guys. :D :D Hope you enjoy its meaning.

    Here it goes... Some meaning might have been lost because of the translation but I tried to do as best I could. One of my friends sent me the spanish version which he wrote. Since, I don't have the song(I am not into columbian salsa) I couldn't check to see if he didn't miss anything, but by reading it, it sounds like the everything is there.

    A pachangero is translated to a rowdy person, but by the way it is being used and as I understand columbians use it. It means a party guy, I actually think it refers to a salsero in this song, but that is totally my opinion, which might very well not be a case.


    Cali Pachanguero
    Grupo Niche

    Cali pachanguero,
    Cali luz de un nuevo cielo.

    De romántica luna,
    el lucero que es leno,
    de mirar en tu valle la mujer que yo quiero.

    Del jilguero que canta,
    calles que se levantan,
    carnaval en juanchito todo un pueblo que inspira.

    Cali pachanguero,
    Cali luz de un nuevo cielo.

    Es por eso que espero que los días que lejos
    cuando dure mi ausencia sabes bien que me muero,
    todos los caminos conducen a ti,
    si supieras la pena que un día sentí
    cuando en frente de mí tus montañas no ví.

    Que todo, que todo, que todo que.
    Que todo el mundo te cante,
    que todo el mundo te mime,
    celoso estoy pa' que mires,
    no me voy más ni por miles.

    Permita que me arrepienta oh
    mi bella cenicienta,
    de rodillas mi presencia
    si mi ausencia fue tu afrenta.

    Que todo el mundo te cante,
    que todo el mundo te mime,
    celoso estoy pa' que mires,
    no me voy más ni por miles.

    Un clásico en el Pascual,
    adornado de mujeres sin par,
    América de Cali a ganar,
    aquí no se puede empatar.

    Que noches, que noches tan bonitas,
    Siloé en sus callesitas,
    al fondo mi valle enrisa
    ay! todito se divisa.

    A millas siento tu aroma,
    cualquiera justo razona,
    que Cali es Cali señoras, señoreslo
    demás es loma.

    English Version

    Cali Pachanguero,
    Cali light of a new sky,

    Of romantic moon
    the bright start that is firewood
    just by looking at your valley
    the woman that I want.

    The singing goldfinch
    streets that wake up
    carnival of juanchito
    of a completely inspired town.

    Cali Pachanguero
    Cali Light of a new sky.

    That is why I wait
    the distant days when my absence lasts
    you know that I could die.
    All roads lead your way,
    If you knew the pain that one day I felt
    when in front of me, your mountains I didn’t see.

    That everyone, that everyone, that everyone that.

    That everyone sings to you,
    that everyone pampers you,
    you’ll see, I’m jealous.
    I will never again leave, not even for thousands.

    Allow me to regret, oh my beautiful Cinderella,
    on my knees my presence, if my absence was your insult.

    That everyone sings to you,
    that everyone pampers you,
    you’ll see I’m jealous
    I will never again leave, not even for thousands.

    A classic during easter, adorned by unequaled women .
    America from Cali to win, there is not tie here.

    What nights, what nights so beautiful
    Siloe on its streets
    at the bottom my valley in smiles.
    Ay, everthing is foreign.

    Fastly I feel your aroma,
    anyone in their right mind reasons,
    that Cali is Cali Ladies, and gentlemen and
    everything else is hills.

    Enjoy it DanceMentor
  9. Danish Guy

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    Wow, Thanks! :D :D :D

    I’ll get back to you.
  10. brujo

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    That doesn't sound quite right. Pachanga is slang for party. I think the song is dedicated to the city of Cali. Cali pachanguero will imply a city that is vibrant and alive, filled with light. It will be in line with the lyrics ( Streets, women, etc ).
  11. borikensalsero

    borikensalsero Moderator

    I thought about that too. But then thougth that because of the verbage in a few places and the titile words of Cali, as in city, is a femenine noun and pachangero is a male adjetive it lead me to think the song would have been called Cali Pachangera instead of Pachangero. The lines "Que todo el mundo le cante, que todo el mundo te mime, celoso estoy pa que mires". pretty much changed the meaning to a song for me to pachangero describing Cali rather than a pachangera city. Although the song is about the city, the presntation to me came across as a Cali Pachangero making talking about the city. Your input makes total and perfect sense though, I'm probably so offf. :D

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