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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by Dave Bailey, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. UKDancer

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    I think so. The direction of my LF is diagonal to the LOD, but to the side for me, because I have rotated to keep the follower in front of me, and we have both turned. I would describe that as a step 'around' my partner, though, because I am on the outside of the turn, and have stepped further than she has, because she is on the inside.

    I usually wouldn't dance 678 of the 8CB at all, but walk straight out of the cross, or lead something else from the cross.
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    Right, that also exists ;)
  3. bordertangoman

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    on djs; I have experienced imported and paid djs play music that wasnt appreciated by the local community. Another DJ played a decent selection of traditional music but the volume was in the threshold of pain so I think he must have suffered hearing loss and didnt understand the dynamics of bodies absorbing sound, but he did lower the volume when I asked. Another dj I know mixed up different orchestras in his tandas with the view that "they're only jivers they dont know any better.."

    Fernando is one of my favourite djs,(Mike Lavocah is another). he seems to have a knack of creating different moods. I havnt heard anything special from imported DJS like Damian Boggio; its just hype for the event.
    As to the person referred to above, he does play some traditional music as well, he's a decent dancer
  4. UKDancer

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    All I would say about the music (I was there) was that it gave me the impression that his iTunes collection was on shuffle play. I could find no pattern, and there were no pauses between the songs all night, which is a real problem with using iTunes directly. A DJ might have chosen exactly the same music, but would have paced it properly, and given the dancers the occcasional opportunity to clear the floor and start again.

    I agree, by the way, that he is a decent dancer, and his classes are well attended. But if one teacher will write in such terms on Facebook about another teacher in the same town, there is something very wrong about the dance community in that place. But then we knew that already!

    As a postscript: you obviously know that Damian Boggio is in Birmingham this weekend and is DJ for two milongas and is also doing two workshops (and very expensive they are too). Part of the hype surrounding his appearance is the novelty that he is going to play 100% LPs. I suppose we won't be getting much tango fusion (good!), but instead rather crappy transcriptions of original 78s. The best transcriptions have been on CD for decades.
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    "Dont believe the Hype" as the song goes..

    *snort* i shall probably go to Hereford; Jenny & Ricardo are lovely teachers, and the Hereford tango community is very welcoming..

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