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Discussion in 'Swing Discussion Boards' started by Sagitta, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    Following the other threads created in salsa and AT I thought that us swingers should have our very own thread. Also, I'm cretaing this thread as I will eb listening to alot of swing in teh next month or so. I'm taking a lindy hop beginners class from, gues who? BILL BORGIDA. Now get this. 40 dollars for a 4 week class with one lesson of 1.25 hours each week!! I'm excited!! :banana:

    Okay, now back to topic. I currently am listening to Fat Waller. A while back I got three swing CD box sets. I lent one to a friend recently and am now going through one set myself. So far...Lousi Armstrong - High Society is the 2 CDs that I have finished listening to.

    What swing music have you been listening to lately?
  2. Swingolder

    Swingolder New Member

    My dh received the Ken Burns Jazz series box set for Christmas. 5 CDs! By the time I am finished with the fifth, I am ready to start over again on the first.

    I also got a CD from the swing dance club I go to on Friday nights. If you donated a new coat for their Christmas clothes drive, you got a copy of a lot of the swing stuff they play regularly. (Some Ella, Sam Cooke, big band stuff, a Sinatra tune, etc.) If I play it here at work, it is awfully hard to stay in my chair.
  3. leftfeetnyc

    leftfeetnyc New Member

    I've been listening to a lot of compilation cds and a whole lot of Sinatra.

    Mostly "It happened in Monteray" and "Oh, Look at Me Now". Despite the season being over, Louis Armstrong's "Cool Yule" gets played a lot at my place.
  4. Vince A

    Vince A Active Member

    I wonder if you should bring this down by dance??? I listen to totally different music than those who do Lindy. The slower the sexier and better, which allows for more playing, less patterned dancing.

    Obviously, I do a lot of WCS dancing . . . so lots of R&B, Soul, Contemporary, up-to-the-minute-latest-releases stuff. And of course, if it's more upbeat, I will do a fast WCS, or if the beat is right - a Hustle!
    It's the interpretation for WCS. I actually caught a long-hair classical song once in a Jack and Jill . . . as the DJ was pulling a practical joke, but left the song on to see how the dancers would react and if they could find a beat, etc.

    I'd like to see those that answer your post, label the songs they submit for what dance they intend it for???? Make sense??? Kinda, maybe, sorta???
  5. leftfeetnyc

    leftfeetnyc New Member

    Good point. What I've been listening to (see above), I find tends to work for different forms of swing dance...I do primarily WCS.

    I'm on a kick to find someone who enjoys Queen and is willing to do some Westie with me and to get tonight's DJ to play BB King's "The Thrill is Gone" (If anyone is interested in doing some WCS or Hustle in New York City , I'll be at Empire Dance tonight fot their monthly party).

    My Lindy is nonexistant at the moment, but I'd love to see someone put together a classic routine to "Cool Yule" or possibly do it myself one day. But I can picture Kevin and Carla doing something to it.
  6. Vince A

    Vince A Active Member

    Wish I were there to WCS with you . . . "The Thrill Is Gone" is on one of my favorite WCS compilation CDs . . . GREAT SONG!

    Mine too . . . I started off like gangbusters, taking privates from one of the best - a DF Swing moderator - and then was taking some group class lessons, but I felt that Lindy was going against everything that I learned about WCS . . . being smooth, playful, slow and sexy, etc. Even though I was assured that WCS doesn't do that!

    I was getting a bounce . . . out of the slot a lot (which is what Lindy is all about) . . . and dancing much faster than I like.

    I will start again, but when . . . who knows????
  7. tsb

    tsb Well-Known Member

    jive aces. i bought their cd's when they were touring here late last year. see them live if you can.
  8. luh

    luh Active Member

    the slower the better?
    i got some different kind of favourites there. I don't like too slow music, because I don't like to dance to that kind of music - maybe because I'm not in a flirty mood with partners, more than twice my age - but still, i prefer any way the faster stuff, where the aerials look good to.
  9. DanceMentor

    DanceMentor Administrator

    I have been recently performing to "Stuff Like That" (There) by Bette Midler. It is a really fun song for performing. It has a good beginning to setup the scene, and then a lot of breaks for tricks, and even aerials.
  10. kansas49er

    kansas49er New Member

    Currently, we are putting together a WCS routine to a Queen Latifa Song
    "THe same love that made me laugh" also, another team WCS routine to a medly of Ray Charles songs.
  11. luh

    luh Active Member

    at the moment Dany Brillant - Dolce Vita is running.
  12. huey

    huey New Member

    'Tain't Me - (Doris Day)
    Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen - (The Andrews Sisters)
    Easy Does It - (Count Basie)

    Just a-Sittin' and a-Rockin' - (Ben Webster)
    Keep Cool, Fool - (Doris Day)
    Ndenzeni Na - (Father Huddleston Band)

    One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer - (Amos Milburn)
    Rockin' Robin - (Michael Jackson)
    Smooth Sailing (1951 Version) - (Ella Fitzgerald)
    Strictly Instrumental - (Harry James & His Orchestra)
  13. luh

    luh Active Member

    5 in Love - rich white man

    hopefully I'm gonna see them live in 2 weeks.
  14. luh

    luh Active Member

    bud freeman
    coleman hawkins
  15. Diavo

    Diavo New Member

    Wicked Swing, a CD I found at Border's which is teh 4w3s0m3 -- I have it copied to my computer @ work. =)
    All fast old swing! 8)

    Fast swing always. Slow swing to fall asleep to!

    Oh, btw, Michael Buble has a great swingin' version of Queen's "Crazy Little Thing Called Love". When I saw the title I thought "Oh hell no, how could anyone redo this song even close to the level of Queen?" but it truly is good.
  16. Medira

    Medira New Member

    Yeah, that covers was definitely a pleasant surprise. :)

    Currently listening to "Put a Lid on It" by the Squirrel Nut Zippers.
  17. setsuna713

    setsuna713 New Member

    I'm going through a blues phase right now so I'm listening to "Call it Stormy Monday" by T-Bone Walker
  18. Swingolder

    Swingolder New Member

    Kelly Hunt - Her Inspiration cd has some great WC tune - especially the title song.
  19. luh

    luh Active Member

    brian setzer re-did that song too.
  20. Diavo

    Diavo New Member

    Sw33t! What album? Is it good (like I have to ask)? :eyebrow:

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