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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by opendoor, May 8, 2012.

  1. AndaBien

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    Certainly, and often I like to sit out a couple of dances. It seems to me somewhat impolite to wait for half a tanda to go by before asking a woman to dance. So, if I am not sure of a certain partner and I only want to dance a couple of dances with her, 4-dance tandas sort of prevent me from doing that. With 3-dance tandas it seems to me easier to only ask for the last two dances.

    Sometimes it has nothing to do with a partner. If I sit out two dances and then feel like dancing again, with 3-dance tandas I only have to wait one more dance. With 4-dance tandas I have to wait two more dances.
  2. bordertangoman

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    this would be the third;Rien que nous deux
  3. Zoopsia59

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    Perhaps this is already being assumed by everyone's answer (?) but the most important element to me is the rhythm, and after that, the overall feeling/emotion. I don't know as much about the music and artists as many of you, so I don't really care if orchestras, eras, etc get mixed. For me the categories I don't like to see varied within a tanda are:

    Waltz tempos. :bouncy:

    Milonga'esq (includes Condombe' and the like, as well as contemporary music with a milonga type rhythm and feeling)

    Tango where the marching rhythm is significant (D'Arienzo being the epitome, but can include others)

    Tango that is more flowing and romantic (Poema being the obvious example)

    Tango music that wasn't written to be dance'able and is hard to improvise to even though it gets used for choreography all the time. I'm happy to sit these out unless a really exceptional leader invites me. However, usually those leaders sit them out too, and it's only less experienced leaders who get up to do the same classroom sequences they try to fit into everything else. :cool:

    Gotan'y alternative suitable for open embrace, larger leg movements and sensuous leg wraps etc.

    Other dance music that you are expected to dance a particular type of social dance to (Primarily Swing or Latin around here)

    Pot luck.. all the other alternative stuff that people try out that doesn't fit easily into the above categories. A completely pot luck mix can be fun as long as it's fairly obvious with the first piece that it's going to be one of those kinds of tandas where "surprise!" is the primary theme.

    I only know ONE leader locally who is adept at almost any music, and so I am usually trying to match up the music to a leader. I frequently don't get a choice (given the huge leader/follower imbalance) but even some of my favorite leaders are guys that I will deliberately avoid for at least one particular category above.

    That category is usually (but not always) Waltz. I'm ok with Desde de Alma being in a tanda with Metallica's Nothing Else Matters. It's not ideal, but I'd rather they be together than have a waltz tempo piece thrown in to a tanda of non-waltz or thinking I'm getting waltz only to have a 4/4 piece thrown in or have it switch mid-tanda. IME, even many fairly decent leaders get completely derailed by waltz tempos. Since waltz is my fave, I'm more likely to be disappointed by the "wrong" leader. I will usually dance to anything and with anyone who asks, but I don't want to accept only to find out it is or isn't waltz AFTER the tanda is in progress. Maybe if more waltz got played, I'd be less picky about it.

    I also prefer tandas with only 3 pieces. It creates more tanda's in the evening, so given the aforementioned gender imbalance, it makes it more likely that I'll get to dance a lot, and more likely that I'll get to dance with my favorite "in demand" leaders. It makes it easier to accept dances from beginners and or strangers if I know I'm not using one of my (only) 3 or 4 tandas on them. The only time I wish tandas had 4+ songs is when I'm dancing with that one favorite leader to music I adore. Even with a favorite leader, a tanda can feel too repetitive once you're into a 4th track, because most leaders (IME) rely on using the same moves a lot, and in predictable order.

    My other pet peeve is when my favorite 3 alternative tracks get saved for the last tanda of the evening which I rarely get to dance because everyone dances with their primary partner. There is one that is fairly popular that I love and don't know the name of, that I don't think I've EVER danced to except with a beginner who stayed to the end of the evening one time.
  4. Peaches

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    +1, all the way.
  5. opendoor

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    Funny, that was the one I kicked out of my tanda: too much of canyengue in the beginning. From 0:48 the salón element prevails, but anyway, I dont like the beginning.

    Perhaps someone can help me: is there a Poema version sung in french?
  6. bordertangoman

    bordertangoman Well-Known Member

    Volve Mimosa; would be in 2nd place; its a bit schmaltzy
  7. opendoor

    opendoor Well-Known Member

    I only have YT as source for Rafael Canaro tracks, so dont expect new treasures.

    concerning Volve Mimosa, that piece is in french, but it is not Poema.

    The Pesenti/Sainz version of Poema would fit into a slow Rafael tanda. But I mean, that there must be a french Rafael version of Poema, too. Or am I mad?

  8. AndaBien

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    Are those the only two choices?
  9. UKDancer

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    Not according to https://tango.info/performances/RafaeCanar

    But I've tracked down several Rafael Canaro tracks, but yet to put togther a satisfactory tanda - the search goes on ...

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