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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by Pacion, Nov 6, 2005.

  1. wonderwoman

    wonderwoman Well-Known Member

    How are you guys losing toe nails??
  2. etp777

    etp777 Active Member

    clumsy dance partners. ;)
  3. dlgodud

    dlgodud Active Member

    Kick the door with foot.
  4. wonderwoman

    wonderwoman Well-Known Member

    Need those steel-toed dance shoes.
  5. Anchovynist

    Anchovynist New Member

    I lost a big toe nail once. The guy sitting at the next table found it in his clam chowder.
  6. dlgodud

    dlgodud Active Member

    You are joking!:shock:
  7. flashdance

    flashdance Active Member

    Is there a toe nail fairy I wonder?
  8. Nybz

    Nybz New Member

    I would say he is. But if not, I wish I was there to see the guy find it :uplaugh:
  9. Anchovynist

    Anchovynist New Member

    Admittedly it was an extraordinary chowder. Not only did he find my toenail, he also found a ticket stub from the Broadway musical "Cats", a belt buckle with the Peterbilt truck logo, a catcher's mitt, an alto saxophone, an apartment key I lost in 1986 (mystery solved), Jimmy Hoffa's wallet, three shares of AT&T, an iron railroad spike, a coelacanth, and Michael Jackson's other glove.
  10. wonderwoman

    wonderwoman Well-Known Member

    I'm picturing someone pulling a bunch of junk out of a big bowl of clam chowder. Gross.... lol
  11. Artemia

    Artemia New Member

    I'm really glad I found this thread -- ironically through GOOGLE "what to do when you lose a toenail" even though I'm a member of DF!

    When I was more of a newbie dancer than I am now (February or so) I got kicked by a beginner who was having way too much trouble with the counting in the country western shuffle. He severed part of my toenail (sorry for the horrid image) and it bled EVERYWHERE! It was so bad that I thought he had managed to embed the broken bit of the nail further down into the skin, I even went to the doctor and begged her to pull the bit out, until she told me that was just how injured toenails bleed.

    It took nearly four months for that half of my toenail to grow back to finally appear normal. I considered throwing a huge party when it had finally come back, it had taken SO LONG. I decided that having rhinestones glued to my toes was the culprit -- people's feet were clearly attracted to my shiny toes!

    Well, that worked... somewhat. People don't kick me as much, but unfortunately the more complex steps I learn, the more I kick MYSELF. I wear heel caps on all my shoes, and it turns out that those suckers are SHARP!!! I usually just take off nail polish (shows where they've been, but doesn't hurt) and occasionally scratch myself, but Sunday I wasn't so lucky.

    I was salsa dancing with someone who knew way more than I did, but unfortunately he seemed under the impression I knew what I was doing. (Silly man!) So, in the midst of turning me about eight times in a row, I lost my balance. The ninth turn proved to be my downfall as I ran the nice sharp new heelcap of my one week old 3" heels right over my left toenail.

    It hurt, I asked to stop dancing for a second, but there was no blood so I shook it off and we kept going. It wasn't until I decided I'd had enough that I sat down and noticed that not only had I scratched my second toe, but I had put a huge indent in the base of my left toenail. I had CUT MY TOENAIL at the base... with my heel!!

    I have to say first... I'm glad I did it to myself rather than to some other woman who was nearby. Second, I really shouldn't be dancing in 3" heels if I'm such a failure. Third... owww!!

    So now, essentially, my toenail is hanging on by a minuscule amount still attached to the right side. I don't own closed toe practice shoes, and to be honest I don't know if putting pressure on it would be a good idea. I am surviving by the grace of advil (or limping and whining) but I really am sick of going to dance every day with my big toe wrapped gloriously in paper tape. I don't like people asking me "Omg are you ok?! What happened?!?" even if I appreciate the thought, I don't want to turn myself into the center of attention to mention that apparently I am a failure at dancing.

    I'm still unsure as to what to do, though. There was no blood, the toenail just decided that it wasn't going to be attached to the footbed anymore. I can't push it down though (in order to glue it) because it hurts. Do I chug a bottle of advil and then ask a nail place to glue it down? Do I rip it off?

    Going to a doctor isn't really in the budget right now, and they'd probably just take it off, I assume. Any thoughts you guys have would be greatly appreciated, I know I'm not the only dancer who has hurt her feet, but most people have someone else to blame for it!
  12. Artemia

    Artemia New Member

    For once, I have really good news to come from silence!

    I didn't give up, and I googled and read through sooooo many references to runners, cyclists, moms falling while tending their children.. until I found the solution. (I don't even remember where the solution came from anymore, for all I know I'm going to be blushing when someone tells me I actually read it higher up in this thread. :p )

    For the dancers out there who hurt their toenails, I have a solution!

    The thing about my toenail is that it didn't fall off, it was hurt badly enough that it was still there, but not attached anymore. The most important thing I've heard is that if it's still there, leave it.

    Clip away at any sharp bits that are hurting (I'd use something strong like cuticle scissors, rather than the ones you'd just use to cut at the top, so you don't bend things too much) and make sure the area is clean.

    Take a tea bag, empty out the tea, and cut it to fit your toe. Paint clear nail polish on the toe, place the tea bag over it, paint more polish. Hold down any bit of the nail that might be sitting up, until it dries.

    Repeat this process (waiting for the layers to dry each time) -- I did it twice, I might add a third layer later. I really feel like I created a false toenail for myself without superglue (last time I had a manicurist superglue down a cracked toenail when I ran it over with a door, it felt like the nail was glued to my skin painfully as it grew, clear nail polish has more give to it.)

    I hope this helps anyone else who may encounter what happened to me, as much as I would rather you all avoid it... we're dancers, it happens!
  13. Terpsichorean Clod

    Terpsichorean Clod Well-Known Member

    I enjoy your posting style! Though reading your earlier post, I'm not sure whether to laugh or throw up. ;)

    Thank you for sharing. I'm glad you found a solution to your toenail. :)
  14. Joe

    Joe Well-Known Member're essentially building a fiberglass shield for your toe.
  15. Artemia

    Artemia New Member

    Exactly! I even felt like I could call myself an engineer for once, something I haven't done since they handed me that degree!
  16. AMeader

    AMeader New Member

    I asked a friend of mine who is a manicurist, and she recommended going to a really good (read CLEAN) salon. A good manicurist can clean up all the sharp bits on the toenail, and then apply an acrylic toenail. This protects the toenail while it is growing out, and you can go back to the salon in a month or two, have the acrylic removed, and voila! Toenail!

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