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Discussion in 'Swing Discussion Boards' started by SpillMeOut, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. SpillMeOut

    SpillMeOut New Member

    I was thinking about taking dance classes and Im not sure which one to start with. Should i start with East Coast (jitterbug) then learn Lindy hop after i feel comfortable? I dont think West Coast Swing is big in my area (New England, U.S.)

    Also i have checked around my area to see where i could dance and i see that there is quite a few swing and salsa places. Now when it says swing, does that mean ecs or lindy?

    Sorry im really new to dancing and im trying to get into it to meet new people and try something new.
  2. It's Wonderful

    It's Wonderful New Member

    If it says "swing", it's probably ECS and Lindy, but it's hard to say - maybe talk to the organizers if you don't just want to jump in? As for what to learn, check out this thread - it's a very similar topic.


    Be sure to post if there's other details you'd like to chat about, there are a lot swing dancers on this forum that know about your area! And welcome to DF :)
  3. leftfeetnyc

    leftfeetnyc New Member

    West Coast Swing is big in certain areas of New England...the Boston Area, Albany, NYC, DC, Philly...Connecticut and Jersey have decent scenes to.

    If you're picking a style of swing, go based on music preference and personality....are you a bit wild, up for anything, willing to experiment, like old big band music and fast dancing? Do lindy. like more contemporary and blues, something a little more conservative, do West Coast.

    There a lot of cross over between the two, i did a lot of sterotyping, but they are a general overview image. ECS is a good starter point to lindy. Many people just do ECS, but for people really into dance and expressing themselves, they eventually move onto lindy. You can take an ECS class as it's steps are part of the basics in lindy.
  4. Dancelf

    Dancelf Member

    It's not LA, but there's west coast swing to be found within an hour or so drive of Boston seven days a week (or near enough). Providence RI has a scene, as does Enfield/Hartford CT. There are folks in Maine as well - but they (and the dancers in southern NH), tend to drive down to Boston, which suggests that they aren't finding what they are looking for locally.

    If Danvers MA is an easy reach for you the weekend of March 23rd, you might stop in at the Boston Tea Party: http://www.teapartyswings.com/ Starting Friday afternoon, there will be a bunch of workshops for beginners to Lindy Hop and West Coast Swing (also much goodness for more advanced dancers). Many (maybe even most) swing instructors based in New England will be somewhere around the hotel - it might be helpful to get connected.

    As for which dance to start with, my recommendation would be to start with east coast swing. Once you get to a point where you are comfortable talking to your partner while dancing, you'll be better placed to decide between more east coast, west coast, or lindy.
  5. Horizon

    Horizon New Member

    You can do WCS to a lot of different genres of music, from Foxtrot to modern hip hop. The music determins how you dance it, but it's still the same dance. The WCS clubs in the DC area play the gambit, dunno about other areas though. Heck, I even dance WCS to Foxtrots and Cha Chas when I go to a Ballroom dance :) It's THE most versatile dance, IMO.
  6. Mr. Dance

    Mr. Dance New Member

    I just started a WC swing class today, first class in an 8week session. It's alot of fun, definately different than EC in the style of the movements so its a new thing for me but my partner and I had a blast today. WC swing is big in PA too. Most of the places that I have heard about or seen are vastly WC swing so this will be good for us.
  7. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    Thanks for sharing the link. :)
  8. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    And isn't WCS mostly for the older crowd? That's been my impression...anyway.
  9. Mr. Dance

    Mr. Dance New Member

    I dont know how it is in general..but at my WCS class today it was mainly a younger crowd. Sure there were a fair amount of older couples but alot of it was couples in their 20's, 30's, and 40's. Which was nice to see so many people getting into it and having a good time.

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