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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by jfm, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. elisedance

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    I think one should be careful to not use the term 'addiction' too liberally for something that is 99% good for you. One might also call loving eating vegetables an addiction and that would be equally absurd. Sure, one could replace dance with other activities that generate the same amount of healthy things such as exersice, social/partner interaction and mental training but somehow that does not really add up to the whole thing. The fact is that life has to have a purpose and if your chosen purpose is dancing then thats what you have to sacrifice for if at all possible (I add the latter since survival and procreation take higher priorities than purpose).
  2. kieronneedscake

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    In my more philosophical moments, I treat tango as training to be a better person.

    Confidence, application, humility, focus, social graces, relaxation, all these things jammed into a tiny microcosm of society.

    I will not give up tango willingly until other things keep my interest and expend my energies in ways that are equally satisfying. Or I might get bored one day, but not today.
  3. SuzieQ

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    I agree that "addiction" might not be the best word to use, with its negative connotations. Sure, dancing is good for us, and maybe you could compare the "withdrawal" to suddenly not having enough satisfying food to eat.

    Not sure that my life's purpose is to dance. Bottom line, that would be "to glorify God and enjoy Him forever." (Westminster Catechism) It's something that I never thought I could do, and having discovered that I could, and found the joy and fun of competing and performing, and the interaction that it provided with other people, it hurt to have it taken away. A large hole is left in my life that I'm really having trouble filling. I don't "want" to fill it with something else, I want to dance, darn it!
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    Feel free to reply to me via PM. Why are you considering taking a job where the dole could be an alternative and more importantly, pays less.
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    it's fine she can move somewhere crappy for work but i'll make sure she has regular trips to london wherever. she's just a workaholic. "my cell cultures! i have to visit them everyday or the world will end!"
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    You have to keep your priorities straight. I think it's supposed to go dance, loved ones, work everything else. I guess food, sex and sleep should probably be on the list too, but I know I have the first two right. ;)

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