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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by Black Sheep, Oct 30, 2003.

  1. Black Sheep

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    We all have fixations, problems, new ideas to solve problems, suggestions on how to improve our government, techniques to save time and energy, ways to improve our health, or just plain tricks to eliminate annoying situations. For an example: Have you ever pulled your shoe laces lose only to end with them in a tangled knot? Solution: to avoid this ever happening, just stick your finger through one loop and pull the lace free. That automatically eliminates any possibility of knotting up when you pull the other lace end free.
    Or while waiting for the coffee to perk, do a series of toe raises.
    How about telling us what you'd like to tell an annoying coworker?
    Anything that's ON YOUR MIND you can get it off your 'chest' with no repercussions.
    Here is your opportunity to vent your frustrations,your anger, or tell an joke or a funny incident or a miracle you experienced. If it's on your mind, share it.
    Black Sheep
  2. Black Sheep

    Black Sheep New Member


    Breakfast was on my mind,
    Tired of old fashioned ham and eggs with coffee for breakfast?
    Try this: 6 Count Magic Parsley Omelet with cubed fried potatoes on the side.
    Two slices of ham
    two raw eggs
    grated cheese
    three sprigs of fresh parsley
    couple table spoons of cream
    two tablespoons of pancake flower sifted
    Pour all; ingredients in a blender and blend to a smooth parsley color. Place in a buttered frying pan, and turn on a low HEAT, and cook until the omelet is firm on top.
    COFFEE SUBSTITUTE: Parsley tea with Honey:
    half a bunch of parsley, about 10 sprigs, slow boil until you smell the aroma;
    a table spoon or two of Honey in a hot cup of parsley tea. Stir well
    Bon Appetite!
    Black Sheep 'Music Nourishes the Soul' , Joe Lanza 2003 a.d.
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    that sounds good. unfortunatly, I usually don't have time for even a cup of juice before school, bad habit, I know, but I need that extra 10 minutes of sleep every now and then. :roll:

    Hmmm... right now, a big 4 page long essay is on my mind. Also a huge 6 month long history project. Oh, and nothing. Yeah, a little weird, but I believe you can be totally stressed and still think about nothing whatsoever. Maybe it's a gift, or even a curse, but sometimes , almost against my will, I just zone everything out including my parents. Hey, if it works to get me away from home mentally, why change it?

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