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Discussion in 'Dance Articles' started by LaLoona, Jul 1, 2006.

  1. LaLoona

    LaLoona Member

    I saw this couple at the Millenium, they were amazing:

    {link removed - no longer in service}

    there is also a link to a video clip from the news
  2. Bradamant

    Bradamant Member

    That's awesome, LaLoona.
    Thanks for posting.
    The joy of dance. :cheers:
  3. JohnLL

    JohnLL New Member

    This is unbelievable! I've heard about this but had never seen it before. Totally not what I had pictured! Wow!
  4. LaLoona

    LaLoona Member

    I know! That's the spirit!
    Just came to my mind something I heard before: the only prove that God wanted people to be happy is the fact that he gave them ability to dance.
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  5. JohnLL

    JohnLL New Member

    Well said... :cool:
  6. pr

    pr New Member

    Wow! Much better than my imagination!!! :p Thanks for sharing! :D
  7. victordancer

    victordancer New Member

    thank you for sharing this story. another great example of the human spirit and the value of connection between people when dancning.
  8. LaLoona

    LaLoona Member

    my pleasure :)
  9. carmello

    carmello New Member

    There is an American group called American Dance Wheels, Web site looks great, and I saw them demo at many US Comps
  10. LACHopeful

    LACHopeful New Member

    Thnx 4 posting this!

    I'm hoping Wheelchair Dance will gain popularity in the United States. I've seen and participated in Modern dance but my heart is at Ballroom/Latin.
  11. lazengata

    lazengata New Member

    I took a look at the site mentioned-the group looks limited in scope and participation.

    Did you see the couple who did a dem at Philly Fest? They did Viennese waltz and got a partial standing ovation. I was clapping for the movement and connection. The couple was really good and I guess they work in a vacuum since there doesn't seem to be much wheelchair dancing going on in the US.
  12. Keep the Faith Baby

    Keep the Faith Baby New Member

    American Dance Wheels

    There was a demo by American Dance Wheels at the American Star Ball this weekend in Parsipanny NJ. I had seen a wheelchair entry last year in S.D. but was not impressed. Unso this weekend. They were amazing. Their website is and they are located out of Bala-Cynwyd, PA. I had the pleasure of dancing a tad with one of them....a swing demo....believe me.....I danced with him. Quite an experience.

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