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  1. LadyLeader

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    My guess doesn't go so far!

    I still carry with me some of the abrazos from my follower time. Two of them were about the strength in his body creating an amazing abrazo during the tandas and the third about his skill to recognize my position and then create precise movements. I was just monitoring how my body was moved by another person.

    The ladies here are travelling to Buenos Aires in groups of 2, 4 or 6 once or twice a year. Many of them take classed but the real stories are about a.b.r.a.z.o.s It seems that the experienced leaders in Argentina can spellbound their partner in a way which seldom happens with the local leaders.

    There are stories about Argentine follower abrazos too so I think the experienced followers have some skills which a pure ballet education don't develope.

    Edit: For some reason i just had my follower abrazo in mind and I don't know if it is because of the postings here or if I am thinking differently about follower/leader abrazo.
  2. Angel HI

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    Once upon a time, both of these things night have been necessary, but not any longer. It is no longer necessary to go to BsAs to learn/experience good tango. Further, I am certain that the reason why they are experiencing better abrazos in BsAs is not intently because they are better there, but because the Argentines dance for a different reason. It is more typical in BsAs to dance tango for the dance and the abrazos, whereas, unfortunately, in the US, it is often more typical to dance tango for the steps, leads, and show. These are cultural differences.
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  3. itwillhappen

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    My first thought was:
    If the ladies come back and share those feelings with their men, it's no surprise that these escape from tango long before they are 64.
    Fortunately we won't come to know what argentine leaders tell about the embrace of Swedish followers.

    We had the luck to get four months all classes and workshops hold by professional argentine dancers.
    Of course they emphasize the embrace, one ends up with a checklist like for a space flight countdown.
    (And it's quite impressive to stop the countdown if the lady is still looking around or otherwise absent.)
    And there are no things like pauses in tango - just times to recover the quality of embrace.

  4. LadyLeader

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    The ladies here disagree and think that the dance IS better there! So they take a part of savings and the time for those trips. You maybe stated the correct difference in dance at home and in BA.

    It seems that the encuentros in Europe are developing to be a good substitute for BA milongas but not the same.
  5. Angel HI

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    With respect, you missed an important sub-reference. When I wrote, "It is more typical in BsAs to dance tango for the dance and the abrazos, whereas, unfortunately, in the US, it is often more typical to dance tango for the steps, leads, and show. These are cultural differences.", I was agreeing with the ladies that these are the things that make the dance appear to be better in BsAs. Yet, the point was/is that these things 'can be' and indeed 'are' found w/o going to BsAs.
  6. itwillhappen

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    LadyLeader gave us the information, that she knows ladies that think dancing Tango in BsAs is better than in Sweden.
    And additionally that they travel to European Tango Events and so are able to compare.

    That's all we know - an in this limited scope it's simply a fact.
    They alone decide what 'better' means for them and so they are 'right'.
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  7. dchester

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    IMO, this is a key point when discussing tango (and pretty much any art). People often talk about the terms good and bad, (or right and wrong), which generally speaking is both subjective and ambiguous.

    I think tango (like most arts) is more about possibilities and preferences, rather than right and wrong (or good and bad). Right and wrong have more relevance when talking about a specific style. However, away from BsAs, you typically (granted not always though) have people dances various styles (difference possibilities and preferences which aren't always compatible (or at least not preferred)).

    However in BsAs, it's much easier to find a milonga that is more segregated by style, which is one reason why many people like going there, IMO. They tend to frequent milongas where the style (or preferences) they like is what most people are doing.
  8. LadyLeader

    LadyLeader Active Member

    I maybe should have written like this instead

    The ladies here disagree and think that the dance there IS worth traveling.

    I agree that the different kind of abrazo is result of cultural differences and maybe the fact that these leaders have been dancing for 20/30/40 years.

    Those two are missing here today.

    The dancing has changed here too! When I started our local teachers were at the beginning of intermediate level but today the crowd is there and above. We have often exellent visiting teachers and some really good local ones.
  9. itwillhappen

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    So the gold rush is over, the bubble has taken off and newcomer will take the red lantern in the milongas for a long time.
    There is a local milonga here at which I would not expect to meet a leader below a few years of experience.
    I didn't like that feeling, wondered why male beginners should go to milongas at all.
    Indeed I see most of them staying in classes for years w/o much progress or leave.
  10. Chrisa Assis

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    I have recently moved to Canada from Greece..! When I moved here I knew that the level of tango in Europe is higher than in the Americas--US and Canada--but that is not the issue in my perspective. The cultural differences are even greater!
    Greeks are closer culturally to Argentinians, and this is not only in the good things...haha
    So what I found was very different, is that when we get into an embrace at the same time, we allow the other person to embrace us, compared to the scene in Canada, where you need to get to know the person before you get to that level. It has nothing to do with someone's dance level, it has to do with the cultural background..!
    Then the other thing is our milongas are more like parties...so when you go out to the milonga, you will dance of course, but you drink and you chat a lot..! Compared to the scene in Canada where the milongas are more focused around the dance and not so much around the social aspect of the event. I took a class with Sebastian Arce and he was saying for Argentinians too, the milonga is a party, they will go for the drinks and chats and when they feel like it they dance...Slightly different perspective..!
    So, it really doesn't have to do with better or worse...it is just different..! So I can understand why some followers might be enjoying their dances more in BA and/or Europe and some leaders at the same time might feel intimidated when in BA not only by the level but also by a weird and surely unstated "competition"...
    So I think the best way, is to try to get to know each other better, to chat more, to open up more to people, and give in to the embrace a little bit more...and not make comparisons! It is like when we go on vacation to a new place...We shouldn't be comparing that place to our home town because of course it is going to be different, just accept and enjoy being somewhere different. So visit BA, visit Europe but don't compare, just enjoy, and allow the change in place, in culture, in Tango, in embrace to change you..! I struggled with that myself, when I moved, it was difficult to accept the differences, but then I realized that some of those differences can be used for the best, if I take them as they are and allow myself to change..!
    I don't know I hope this makes some sense..!haha
  11. newbie

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    Where are the men to tango with at my beautiful 64 years of age?

    They were told this:

    "He is so much better than you, you should ask him how he does it!!!"....

    Cf The rules of the practica thread.
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    Love the cruise idea! You should do it - just resolve to behave yourself while your away from hubby (if one is involved)! :)

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