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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by Twirly, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. Twirly

    Twirly New Member

    This is driving me crazy! This is a very well known milonga, but although I've got hundreds of milongas (or so it seems) I can't find it. Can anybody give me a name and an orchestra? Have a look at:


  2. AATanguera

    AATanguera New Member

    The name of the milonga is Arrabalera, and I'm 99% positive it is by the Quinteto Pirincho.
  3. Twirly

    Twirly New Member

    You're absolutely right, I checked on the net. Thanks!!!

    Now I just have to get the cd. I brought back lots of cds from Bs As when I was there a month ago, but already I have a whole new list - now I just have to go back again...
  4. jerblu

    jerblu New Member

    where to stay


    Advise me, please, re where to dance and where to stay in Buenos Aires. I just booked flights ($700 from PHL!!!) for April 2007, which is a long way off, but I"ll practice before then.

    I know there are afternoon milongas, but many milongas start really late. I was thinking it would be a good idea to stay near the milongas so that I could walk home. But my wife and I both have some safety worries. What do you think?

  5. pascal

    pascal Active Member

    I was at Palermo Hollywood when I stayed in BsAs and I'd say it's not the good place if you want to be near the milongas. It's definitely a large city and walking is slow. I once walked from San Telmo to Palermo in the middle of the night and it took me more than one hour.
  6. jerblu

    jerblu New Member

    Milonga locations

    Are the milongas mostly in San Telmo, then?

  7. pascal

    pascal Active Member

    No idea, I was not at San Telmo for a milonga when I did this little walk back home.

    Here is a link with many BsAs milongas, if you have a map you'll be able to locate their respective barrio.

    w w w.buenosairesmilongas.com

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