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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by azzey, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. azzey

    azzey Member

    Which Salsa DVD made the biggest impact on your dancing and why?
  2. nikita

    nikita New Member

    I like the Congress DVD's with the shows. Instructional videos I don't use.
  3. devane

    devane New Member

    Al Espinoza "Mens Spins".
    I say this but it's not the spinning itself which has had a effect on my dancing
    In my class sequences where the guy spins are extemely rare. This doesn't bother me, but what I noticed just by learning to spin my balance became fine-tuned. You could feel when your posture/balance was comprimised when doing moves and would correct it. As a result you look more at ease when dancing even if you never spin because the training you put in has given you good dance habits.
    Also on the Dvd I noticed he rarely started in a closed embrace and look very informal and brought his own stuff into Salsa. This got thinking about styling and customising your own personal style.
    Now I'm more concerned abouting styling and ironing out the moves I know than learning more moves.
  4. sweavo

    sweavo New Member

    Eddie Torres Teaches Salsa Nightclub Style - because it's the only instructional DvD I've ever watched! (I was in the thick of a debate about syncopating the basic step and wanted to see what ET did)
  5. devane

    devane New Member

    What are on Congress DVD's?
    A friend of mine organises salsa parties every once in a while at this pub. There is a big screen Tv there. I wants to find a dvd with people just dancing either social or show to put on in the background. Would these do the job?
  6. Brendan

    Brendan New Member

    The DVDs of the UK congress from last year aren't too bad. There are 2 DVDs of just performances I think. Not sure how the licensing would work though.

  7. nikita

    nikita New Member

    I lend it out 3 weeks ago:cry: .
  8. thespina13

    thespina13 New Member

    I'd say a screwed up copy of the WSF's ladies' styling video. I had to return it because prtions of it were unplayable, and I never got a replacement back at all, but the parts I did watch, every moment was usable and changed my dancing sintantly. Isolations, a lot... and body waves and snakes, freeing up the body to be more limber and expressive. It wasn't a vast encyclopedia of tricks and doo-hickies like I sort of felt Edie's styling video sorta was, it was good instruction on basic body skills that add a lot of sabor to your salsa.
  9. KiwiMambo

    KiwiMambo New Member

    I have a lot of instructional DVDs. All offered something and were well worth the money. I used them a lot in my first two years. The greatest influence has been camcorder videos of great dancers. Milton Cobo and Jereau Almeyda are my favorites. I have learned a lot watching those two dance. Milton's flavor of turn patterns seem to suit the way I like to move and use energy so I've incorporated a lot of that kind of flow into my dancing. Now if I could only feel the music like he does...

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