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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by naturallove, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. naturallove

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    I'm hoping that a lot of the international VF'ers will chime in. I'm really looking forward to Flava Invasion in Atlanta, because Tropical Gem (among others) will be teaching. I've heard that they're some of the best (if not the best in the world). But I've mostly been exposed to on2 instructors in the states (because I only got serious when I started dancing on2).
    Out of curiousity, who are the standout international instructors? The only international instructors I'm somewhat familiar with are Leon Rose and Susana Montero, whose classes I didn't get to take on the SOS cruise.:(
  2. Pacion

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    For me, I would have said Eddie Torres as being one of the best On2 international instructors :raisebro:

    I would also say Mario B and Thomas Guerrero. But, whist they are international to me, they are homegrown to you ;)
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  4. Lofland

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    naturallove, you're going to have a LOT of fun. I saw Tropical Gem when they came to Houston to Bayou City Mambo in October of 2006. They did different routines on Saturday and Sunday and both were awesome. Their conditioning shows in the sharpness of their movements. Definitely bring a camera to record their social dancing. Fernando has great rhythm and musicality when he's just dancing for fun.

    I also took their classes. Fernando teaches in Spanish. His partner Alyra translates and adds her own comments for followers. They are great people and the patterns/shines they taught were very cool, but as teachers, they were about as good as other top instructors such as Thomas Guerrero, Jayson Molina, Edie the Salsa Freak, Sekou McMiller, etc.
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    Not to pick a fight or anything, but the attitude that "international" is synonymous with "non-American" is the kind of arrogant American perspective that is so irritating to people around the world.
  6. naturallove

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    I hear what you're saying, but just in case you were referring to the original post, I thought I was clear in indicating that 'international' was in reference to where I live (in the U.S.).
  7. tj

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    Exactly. What was asked for, was non-US instructors, and the first answer is US instructors...

    Be careful of what you're assuming I'm saying, when I'm not. You're letting your own biases affect how you're interpreting my post.
  8. nycsalsero

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    I'm sure you didn't mean to offend! :) Though your subject line could have used the term "non-American". On a related note:

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    Ditto! :lol:
  11. squirrel

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    Marvellous! Got me to laugh a bit...
  12. MacMoto

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    Not necessarily -- for example, although I'm based in the UK, I consider Super Mario an international instructor because he teaches internationally and not only at venues/events in the UK.

    But to get back to your the original question,

    Tropical Gem are certainly amazing performers/dancers, but top instructors? I don't know. I've taken one turn pattern class and one ladies styling class by TG. The turn pattern class was just that -- you get a turn pattern with added styling to make it "Sosa Style". Styling class gave us a little routine with some pausing, which was more suitable for a performance than social dancing. These classes may inspire you and give you ideas if what they teach is what you are looking for, but I'm afraid that wasn't really the case for me. Don't get me wrong -- I'm a big fan of Fernando Sosa (I agree with Lofland -- his social dancing is awesome) and TG dancers. Perhaps they are good teachers, but congress/weekender workshops are not necessarily an ideal form of teaching/learning. And I often find that the teacher's reputation/dance skill is not always a good indication of how useful the workshop is going to be *for you* (e.g., I learn very little from turn pattern classes in general because I don't lead). It all depends on what you are hoping to get out of workshops, really.
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  15. Pacion

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    Ehhh...................... I must be having a 'brain meltdown'. It was not clear to me re being specific to non-US instructors :|

    Wars have been fought for as 'simple reasons' as love. As much as I love salsa, I am not going go fight/go to war over it. ;)
  16. tj

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    Yes, and my poor attempt at humor by rolling my eyes at you seems to been misinterpreted as well.

    Hey, at least this is more civil than some of the previous forum wars. :wink:
  17. Pacion

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    No problem. You did have me wondering though :friend:
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    I agree 100% MacMoto!

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