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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by suburbaknght, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    I hate wearing twirly skirts when I dance...b/c, unless there are spanx goin on underneath, I am always thinking that my uh...underbits... are gonna show
  2. Ron Obvious

    Ron Obvious New Member

    Thinking of fascination's signature: it may also be that I forgot the number...

    making a mental checklist:
  3. Peaches

    Peaches Well-Known Member

    :shock: I never wear a twirly skirt w/o spanx or similar! Eeek. Actually, it's probably the doubling up that I find so uncomfortable and hate about wearing skirts. Although I usually don't go with spankx, but opt for bike shorts instead.
  4. waltzgirl

    waltzgirl Active Member

    I just use black cotton "granny-style" full coverage panties. Covers everything relevant without being uncomfortable.
  5. etp777

    etp777 Active Member

    Heh, one pro(not my main pro) in particular at studio is bad about that. I don't know if I was always her first lesson of the day, or if she never did any spins with students before me, but half of our lessons I'd do first turn of whatever dance we're doing, her left hand would fly down to her skirt, and then she'd say she'd be right back as she ran back to women's changing room. I of course would always stand there laughing at her while I waited for her to get back. I'm the sensitive type. ;)
  6. Peaches

    Peaches Well-Known Member

    Have thought about that...can't get past it, mentally. No desire to go out and flash my underbits, regardless of how big or small they are, and if they're meant to be seen or not. Underbits should be...well...under.

    ...And this is why I usually end up in pants.
  7. Me

    Me New Member

    This is an interesting conversation! I never thought about a brighter color catching the eye at dance socials.

    I know of one person who complains constantly about not being asked to dance. Maybe I can pass this suggestion onto her, because I think all she ever wears to these things is black. She does a great many other things 'wrong' (goes to dances where she has few friends, sits next to the wall with a plate of food in front of her and her husband blocking her from the dance floor) and she didn't take my advice on that (lol!) but, hey, who knows.
  8. Me

    Me New Member

    Ha ha! Ron I like your avatar. I especially loved him as 'Dennis.' :notworth:
  9. cornutt

    cornutt Well-Known Member

    Of course, if I'm dancing with you, everyone in the room can see it except me! :rolleyes: Seriously, I think the flare skirts are mostly a thing with the ECS/lindy dancers. Thinking about it, the dances that I do, I don't think I really spin my follower all that much -- lots of turns, but not so many spins. Although I sometimes wonder how a woman who's self-conscious about it can manage a develope... Seriously, at our club, most women seem to wear dresses, but the ones who wear pants don't appear to be lacking for dances.

    I do think there is something to the theory about women in black being less visible at a dance. When you think about it, at a dance, most of the guys are going to be wearing dark colors. On the floor, a woman wearing black doesn't stand out from her partner as much as a woman wearing a bright color. Fasc has mentioned this about not wearing black in a comp -- if it turned out that women who do compete in black (especially in smooth/standard, where her partner will almost certainly be dressed in a dark color) get lower placements, I wouldn't be surprised.
  10. Peaches

    Peaches Well-Known Member

    According to a couple of guys I knew, that was the fun of studio mirrors.
  11. Angelo

    Angelo Member

    I would be
  12. etp777

    etp777 Active Member

    Man, and I've been wasting my time using the mirrors to see what I was doing wrong in practice. ;)
  13. elisedance

    elisedance New Member

    I've noticed a marked difference in the number of dance requests comparing a short (if not twirly) skirt compared with a long one. There again legs are probably the best (only? :rolleyes:) good part of me!

    I love a twirly skirt - if its full length and then there is little chance of over, or should I say under-exposure ;)
  14. elisedance

    elisedance New Member

    So that explains it! Its not my dancing - its my skirt!
    Makes me wonder what I pay coaches for. Sheesh. :p:rolleyes:
  15. etp777

    etp777 Active Member

    You could always just get your DP a bright pink tailsuit so you two stand out even if you wear black, ED> :)
  16. lcdancesport

    lcdancesport Active Member

    Bright pink leopard tailsuit lol

    *mental note* buy more dance skirts.
  17. elisedance

    elisedance New Member

    great idea etp. Bubblegum colour with an over-sized chiffon bow tie, purple shoes and a matchihng purple top hat.

    Wanna dance with me?
  18. etp777

    etp777 Active Member

    As long as you don't put me in orange and green. Since I'm almost a foot and a half shorter than you, would look like you were dancing with an OompaLoompa. :)
  19. etp777

    etp777 Active Member

    That suiting fabric would even give you two choices on what color you wanted the tailsuit. :)
  20. Me

    Me New Member

    I wonder if this would help attract attention on comp floors...


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