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Discussion in 'Swing Discussion Boards' started by DancePoet, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. Hipster

    Hipster New Member

    I've danced with Rebecca St. James on several occasions. She's not famous for being a dancer, but anyone who is familiar with contemporary Christian music will recognize the name.

    As for famous dancers, I've danced with Julee Mertz. She's probably best known for being Bill Borgida's teaching partner. Speaking of Bill, I've danced with him during a private lesson, and I've also danced with Valerie Salstrom during a private.
  2. luh

    luh Active Member

    @Hipster, you got a fun avatar.
  3. dancechica

    dancechica New Member

    who have you danced swing with?

    I mentioned this is the C&W section but here they are:
    Robert Royston
    Robert Cordoba
    Jason Colacino
    Ronnie DeBenedetta
    Edwin Li
    Myles Munroe
    Brent Key
    Sarah Vann Drake (I lead her once)
    Chuck Brown (he was my first teacher and then I did a strictly with him at New Year's Dance Camp)
    Doug Rousar (we're doing strictly at Boogie)
    Luis Crespo
    Arjay Centeno
    Wayne Bott
    Rich Lundin
    Mark Scheuffle
  4. wcsjon

    wcsjon New Member

    I'm sure I'll forget ALOT of people, but here's who I can think of off the top of my head:
    Nicola Royston
    Sarah Vann Drake (I actually drew her for the pro-pro invitational j&j at Bill Robinson's swing event)
    Tatianna Mollmann
    Laureen Baldovi
    Blake Hobby
    Beata Howe
    Ann Marie McCabe (you may know her from dancing with John Lindo)
    Deborah Szekely (had to look that spelling up, lol)
    Tara Steinke
    Jo Thompson (country and swing)
    Lisa King
    Brandi Tobias
    Jessica Cox (droool!)
    Debbie Figueroa
    Mary Ann Nunez

    I'm sure there are many many more, but those are MOST of the ones that stick out in my head.
  5. hepcat

    hepcat Member

    Sylvia Sykes

    I've danced with Carla Heiney, Natalie (of Natalie & Yuval), and Sylvia Sykes. Oh, and I danced with Lavay Smith too. I'm usually too intimidated to dance with Pros, but somehow these few seemed more approachable to me, so I've danced with each once although I've had multiple opportunities.

    The dance I had with Sylvia was on Frankie Manning's 90th birthday cruise. It was the last night and I finally worked up the guts to ask her. I was pretty psyched. I kept thinking "I'm dancing with Sylvia Sykes! I'm dancing with Sylvia Sykes!". So I pulled out all my "cool moves". At one point, she misinterpretted my lead (probably my fault), and when she realized it, she proclaimed loudly (and I quote): "Sh**! That would've been f***in' AWESOME! I'm sorry, I messed it up." Although the move failed, my ego was bustin' out after that dance. :D

  6. derbyhat

    derbyhat New Member

    Smart pros will dance with you if you ask. Remember that we normal folks are technically potential revenue streams for them. Additionally event coordinators that hire the pros are hiring them not only for any teaching they might do, but also to help create a feel-good atmosphere. Pros can't make people feel good unless they dance with you.
  7. chandra

    chandra New Member

    Hey, we cant edit anymore!!!

    Mike Topal
    Carlos Garcia
    Michael Keilbasa

    Haha, this thread reminds me of alot of awesome dances... Reminds me how much I love swing.

    One funny story for me, was the last day of my first convention. It was a really clicky convention, and the advanced dancers werent really dancing with Newb followers they didnt know ;). I thought this was totally normal. I thought advanced dancers NEVER danced with us little people :). So on sunday, Angel figerou... (sp?) asked me to dance... I was totally freaked out, I gave him a really scared little face, and he said "Now what does that do for my self confidance?"
    It wasn't a particularily awesome dance, I was frozen solid. After the dance, I apologized, and he said "No, it was fun". (right...) But it showed me that pros werent hard to follow, they actually were easier to dance with (imagine that! lol).
    I asked him to dance last event I was at... Had a great dance... I dont think he remembers me, but I sure do remember him!
  8. Dancebert

    Dancebert New Member

    >Who famous have you danced Swing with?

    How about dancing with somebody who isn't famous for her dancing? I danced with Kay Lenz many nights at the Crest in Reseda, CA. In 1973 she was the lead actress in Breezy, playing against William Holden. Was nominated for an Oscar, and won a Golden Globe for her performance.
  9. dancergal

    dancergal New Member

    Wow, dancebert, I remember that movie for some reason. How cool is that? Does she dance WCS alot?
  10. randomMysh

    randomMysh New Member

    I don't know if I've danced with DF people. Probably. I'm really bad at names to begin with, connecting a name to a nickname is way beyond me! :)

    As far as the famous people go...

    Kyle Redd
    Edwin Li
    Libbat Shaham (sp?) (I asked her to lead me, it was a blast!)
    John Festa
    Bill Cameron
    Demtre Souliotes
    Erik Novoa
    Tybaldt Ulrich
    Steve Nereen
    Arte Philips
    Brian Faust
    Angel Figueroa
    Jason Barnes
    John Lindo
    Jason Miklic
    Doug Rosaur
    Mike Topel
    Arjay Centeno
    Parker Dearborne
    Robert Cordoba (last night! ) :)

    And that's without taking classes and having been to just a few comps. Oh yeah, and I have a hard time asking pros too, although that wasn't always the case.

    I switched to WCS from ballroom over two years ago, and I still can't get used to how wonderfully approachable the pros are. The fact that they are there, social dancing with everyone who asks (er...who makes it through a throng of other women to ask...;) ), is one of the reasons social WCS is as vibrant and exciting as it is. I love it!
  11. Dancebert

    Dancebert New Member

    I used to see her about half the times I went to The Crest in the late 90s, but I wasn't a regular there. Attendance dropped off and the dance moved to a different venue and I rarely went after that, so I don't know what happened to her dance habit. I remember her as a good dancer, fun to dance with.

    It was a good film made by excellent people: In addition to Kay's Oscar nomination, Holden was a past Oscar winner, it was directed by Clint Eastwood, a future Oscar winner, the Art Director had won three Oscars and was nominated 9 other times. Unlike most films made in and about the 60s (Ok, it was in '72) it dealt with the culture changes in a openminded, non sensationalist way.
  12. chandra

    chandra New Member

    I wanna go to an event sooooooo badly!

    I wanna dance with my teacher, and everyone or anyone!

    I wanna dance with anyone! I wanna dance with everyone!
  13. leftfeetnyc

    leftfeetnyc New Member

    Updating this:

    John Lindo
    Carlos Garcia
    Kyle Redd
    Jason Barns
    Jason Miklic
    Jason Colacino
    Chris DiMaci
    Edwin Li
    Parker Dearborn
    Robert Cordoba
    Frankie Manning (I cannot believe of all people I forgot him on my first go-round)
    Larry Mongeau
    Heavy Grammer
    Damon Stone
    Phil Onochie
  14. MAJ28

    MAJ28 New Member

    (useless post)
    With 2 people on this board that I don't remember their usernames, I met them at a social and forgot the names they told me. Maybe they'll see this.
  15. luh

    luh Active Member

    katja, (ali&katja) - this was really fun
    alice from max&alice (montpellier)- i think it was one of the worst dances that evening - but the evening was so good, so that worst dance was still not bad :)
    ida from pat&ida - (paris) fun
  16. luh

    luh Active Member

    I've to update my post. I've recently danced with andrew sutton. really cool. Even though i suck a following, it was really fun. andrew is a cool guy.
  17. luh

    luh Active Member

    update: Jay Le Roux (Toulouse, France)
    Kevin St. Laurent (Barcelona, Spain)
    Simona (Bern, Switzerland)
    Max Pitruzella (org. Montpellier, France)
    Patrick Szmidt (org. Paris, Frane)
    Ali (Darmstadt, Germany)
  18. waltzgirl

    waltzgirl Active Member

    Michael Kiehm

    well, it was a hustle, not swing, but it was the best dance of my life!
  19. leftfeetnyc

    leftfeetnyc New Member

    Continually updating:

    Michael Keilbasa
    Jordan Frisbee
    Robert Royston (OMG, amazing..is changing my dance world)
    Margaret Batichuck
    Vincenzo Fesi
    Andy Reid (many times, starting months back, but I've been forgetting to add him)
    Todd Yannacone
  20. Vince A

    Vince A Active Member


    I have danced with a few of those guys too . . . during privates with them of course!

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