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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by DancePoet, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. tj

    tj New Member

    That she does! :D
  2. MacMoto

    MacMoto Active Member

    And you were awesome!
    Enjoy Geneva, Preko. :D (I'm not going this year... my finance is not in good shape :( ) Oh, and say hello to Lita for me.

    Last weekend I danced with Claire_B, salsaForfun and yola at the UK congress. No famous names to boast about this time though -- the last trophy dance I had was with Orville Small earlier this year.
  3. HF

    HF New Member

  4. genEus

    genEus New Member

    I just met with these guys last weekend. Dora is totally crazy, isn't she? I mean, in a good way crazy! I can totally see her bouncing off the walls :lol: Pawel told me that when they were just starting out she would throw herself totally into the dance and if a guy let go of her she'd start doing all the shines she knew - and then when the guy wanted to pick her back up he couldn't because she just kept going and going on her own. So I guess the guy saw that and started walking off the floor :lol: He came back in a few seconds though... :)

    They are good dancers, have really fun routines, a lot of flips and acrobatics! I was too scared to ask her to dance though, although she did show me a few things during a workshop. :)
  5. Slawek

    Slawek New Member

    After yesterday's party I can say I've danced with Burju from Hacha Y Machete.
  6. Lucretia

    Lucretia New Member


    Now I have something to tell you in this matter. I quote myself from the dance weekend post.

    I guess the only one that saw me dancing with ALbert was PR.

  7. SalseraLaura

    SalseraLaura New Member

    i have danced with Frankie Martinez 4 or 5 times and he is so nice, so sweet and really seems interested in dancing with you...i did some footwork that he taught at a class a year before and he was so happy that i remembered it and kept telling everyone how i did it so well and all i could think was :oops: omg Frankie was impressed by something I did!?!?! :shock:

    i have danced with Edie and Al. Edie is a great lead and Al is just sooo much fun to dance with.

    Ive danced with Orville from Salsation quite a few times too and hes really sweet, i really like how much room he gives you to style instead of just racing through moves.

    i danced with the lady salsa cast about 2 weeks ago and it was fun some nice cuban style

    other ppl ive danced with from uk and europe are Terry Lewis, Sai Lee, Patrick Mussendijk (sp?) Brian Van Der Kust, Mel C. Danced with the cast of lady salsa 2 weeks ago too

    at the UK congress i danced with some unidentified dancer who was part of a dance group performing...but i dont know what one, i just know he was with all the teachers, he was good though.

    The person i want to dance with so badly is Juan Matos, but i was too afraid to ask him incase he thought i was crap or just wasnt my dreams would be shattered :cry: :lol: ill come back to him later when im better.

    DFers that Ive danced with are BorikenSalsero and Sabor both really great dancers.
  8. Big10

    Big10 Member

    That's odd! You've danced multiple times with Frankie Martinez, Orville Small, and Al Espinoza -- yet you still feel inadequate for Juan Matos? :?

    Anyway, you have a mighty impressive list (including borikensalsero AND Sabor :shock: ), so I think you're the winner in this thread so far!
  9. SalseraLaura

    SalseraLaura New Member

    ok i know it sounds strange, dont get me wrong that i think im good enough for frankie martinez but not for juan matos. All of the other dancers i danced with were in ireland but i have only seen juan matos at the uk congress and i was having a bad dancing weekend and i just felt out of my comfort I just feel more comfortable in my own scene where i know everyone and i know my surroundings....does that make sense??? :?
  10. yola

    yola New Member

    :shock: this thread wasn't about winning, was it?
    i thought about sharing interesting stories about some well known people on sf or in the scene...

    somebody keeping count?
  11. africana

    africana New Member

    :lol: yes I think salsachinita wins if someone's counting :p

    yeah Luc AT is a really nice guy (speaking of men who dance with long
  12. i_am_cjb

    i_am_cjb New Member

    Okay, my turn

    Burju - she was fabulous, mais moi non plus
    Erelle - never danced with a woman at this level who made such an effort to put people at ease.
    Ruby Karen

    Emma Moore
    Mel C

    Susanna, Miriam, Shelley, and more from Diablo Dancers, Latin Soul Sisters, Duende Dance Company and Manhattan Mambo. Must get round to Andrea Stewart and Iris de Brito.

    And a few who should be famous but aren't :D
  13. Big10

    Big10 Member

    Sorry, I was just using "winner" as a way of emphasizing how impressive I personally thought her list of dance partners was, up to this point. It's not like anybody's awarding a prize anyway. :roll: Indeed, I certainly wouldn't want any of my dance partners to think I felt like a "loser" because I "only" danced with them. :lol:

    Keep the stories coming!
  14. SalseraLaura

    SalseraLaura New Member

    i danced with jimmy bosch lastnight at the SHO concert, i didnt even know he could but he was good it was nice to dance on 2, not many guys here can

    and no its not a competition but yes salsachinitas is more impressive than mine :p
  15. Kali Ma

    Kali Ma New Member

    Hi, all! :)

    As I am incredibly shy about approaching men for dances (whether "famous" or not), and am certainly not the best dancer around, I don't have much of a list. In fact, there are probably about six I can mention, but they only count as three 'cause I don't know some of their names.
    The first (chortle!) of the three would be several members of Salsa Dance Squad, who are much fun, and cute as puppies...very sexy puppies! The second is Leon Rose; I felt (feel) really clumsy dancing with him, but he says that it's always been enjoyable, so go figure. The third is Jhesus Aponte, with whom I had one of the LOVELIEST DANCES EVER. I read somewhere upthread that someone has him on her 'wish list', and I would advise her to go for it! Not only is he one of the smoothest leads I've ever experienced, he seems to be a genuinely nice person. He was very (and, it seemed, sincerely) complimentary about my dancing, and just generally made me feel like a million-five! This is gonna sound really gooey, but dancing with him actually reawakened my love for salsa, which had lain rather dormant for a while. I was reminded of what I loved about this kind of dancing in the first place, something I wish I could thank him for without sounding like a nutbucket. Anyhoo...
    I would really like to dance with Shaka Brown (MAN, he can move!), Angel Ortiz, Orville Small (he'll be at the Warsaw festival next month, and so will I... :twisted:), Pawel (of Pawel-n-Dora fame; great guy!), Robert Charlemaigne, Mushi, Al Espinoza, Manuel Mascarell, Felipe Polanco, Jazzy (the *look* on that man's face when he dances! :shock:), Henry Knowles, Ismael Otero, Farid of Salsa Conga, Super Mario, Luis Vasquez, Frankie (or --as I like to think of him-- Mighty Mouse) Martinez, and...a cast of thousands (giggle!).
    And leave us not forget: Big 10...:-D
  16. MacMoto

    MacMoto Active Member

    I also had a dance with Jimmy Bosch at Friday's SHO concert. A lovely guy. :D
  17. Slawek

    Slawek New Member

    Kali Ma you will have chance to dance not only with Orville Small but with Pawel, Super Mario and Henry Knowles too. They all will be in Warsaw as well as many other great dancers. Looking forward to see you here.
  18. Kali Ma

    Kali Ma New Member

    Hi, Slawek!

    Yes, I've already got dibs on a dance with Pawel; he was at a recent congress here, but we were both too whipped/hot/feeling odd to dance that evening, so we promised eachother a dance in Warsaw in November. Like I said, great guy!

    I'll just have to work up the nerve to pull Henry away from the DJ booth, and get in the --I'm assuming-- very long lines to dance with Orville and (especially) Super Mario; the man always has a queue reaching to infinity of women who want to dance with him!

    Perhaps we'll have a dance or two, as well? (Hint, hint! :-D)
  19. Slawek

    Slawek New Member

    As for Henry then there will be also other 3 good DJs taking care of music so he will have time to dance.
    And you are right, the queues to Mario and Orville are always long.

    I hope so. By the way you will be one of the first DFers I will have a pleasure to dance with. Though I know for sure that there will be other DFers in Warsaw too (from Belarus for example).
  20. Kali Ma

    Kali Ma New Member

    Whee! I'm really looking forward to Warsaw! I was there once years ago, and have had the opportunity to dance with some folks from Warsaw at different congresses here in recent months-- very good dancers!

    Hey, if there will be other DFers present, I think it would be pretty nifty to see them/dance with them; even though I haven't been posting often, I am an irrepressible lurker, and feel like I know most of the folks here pretty well. It'd be nice to be able to put some faces to names... :)

    P.S. Is there already a thread about the Warsaw congress someplace? If not, I must start one...

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