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Discussion in 'Swing Discussion Boards' started by gitjiggy, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. gitjiggy

    gitjiggy New Member

    Just curious........
  2. chandra

    chandra New Member

    meh... I wish I was! :)
  3. luh

    luh Active Member

    what are the qualifications to get into the us open?
  4. leftfeetnyc

    leftfeetnyc New Member

    you need to be able to dance.

    Any swing goes. Tends to be Westie Dominated...but Nathalie and Yuval have won before.
  5. luh

    luh Active Member

    that's all? no other stuff you need to have won ?
  6. leftfeetnyc

    leftfeetnyc New Member

    whether or not you've won something before determins your division. But it's not some exclusive event...anyone can participate.

    It's just the BIG event of the year for determining champions.
  7. luh

    luh Active Member

  8. Neil

    Neil Member

    So have Charlie and Jackie.
  9. leftfeetnyc

    leftfeetnyc New Member

    It's definitly a mixed bag..

    As far as events go, it's more focused on competitions than social dance..so if that's you're thing it's not the best event for you.

    But you get to watch INCREDIBLE dancing.

    One of my favorite parts is the swing challege...the top 5 couples on the WCS side go up against the top 5 Lindy Hoppers..the whole thing is a riot as they all try more and more outrageous things. At one point, Tatiana Mollman last year popped off 28 spins during it...

    clip here: http://solo2.abac.com/fastpack/uso_videos/2004_Strictly_Challenge.wmv
  10. luh

    luh Active Member

    that really is incredible, 2 things i don't like though:
    1. the video quality s*cks
    2. spinning only isn't that cool for dancing all the time. and it's almost impossible that you'll meet someone who is able to do 28 spins on a social floor.
  11. wcsjon

    wcsjon New Member

    That is unless you know Tat, lol, or Sarah, or well, a number of the other pros. :lol:

    I was there last year as I am a former member of Swing Shift Atlanta (we placed 5th, our worst placement of the year). I wish I was able to go this year, but I just started a new job, so I won't be attending. :(

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