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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by Guarachero, May 13, 2005.

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    I would never turn down an invitation from a lady, better or worse than I am, but, alas, I am still low enough in confidence to not ask a lady that I percieve to be much better than I? Really, why do it? I do not ask for dance lessons in a social setting---hence, I will be unlikely to learn much other than that I suck at it, I am likely to just bore her or embarrass myself with clumsy leads, I'm not sure it would serve any purpose. I do dance with one or two ladies above my level, but they are personal friends, one I've known for 20 years though i had not seen her in many years until I started dancing. Dancing is a great leveller of humanity. No matter your success in other areas of life (money, fame, career, family, however you define it) getting on the dance floor for the first time puts you on the same level as the next guy. I have been at this (WCS) for about 15 months. I stick to those that are at an even or less advanced stage because I can enjoy the dance more since I am less worried about boring my lady partner or making a fool of myself. Gradually, the ladies I dance with have greater ability. Gradually, I will get better.
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    You know, Africana, I'm beginning to wonder about that :roll:

    But any way, I've been always puzzled about the learning speed, because I arrived at Casino with prior things, like Rumba, Chá, etc that boys learn hanging out in the street corner. In the first year of high school (13 or so) is when girls get expossed to dance. But at the end of a couple of months, some of them are partnered with top dancers. I know of one that was admitted in El Cucuyé (famous carnival comparsa in Havana and Santiago) at age 14.

    How would it be if they, too, learn Rumba and all other stuff before 13?
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    still learning, and hopefully never stop! :D
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    Some of what you say is exactly how I think my dh feels. We were at a dance last month with his son and daughter-in-law (who do a really great WCS). When his son asked me to dance, instead of my dh asking his d-i-l (who he is really fond of) he just sat there with her and watched. I asked why he didn't ask her and he says he didn't think to???? Silly response, I just think he didn't way to embarrass himself with her.
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    For all of you who feel that you cannot dance with a lady bettar than yourself....

    I like having a break from the more "exhausting" leaders. I love having one or two dances with mainly mambosteps and simple turns. I can listen to the music, I may settle down, I may have time to finetune some styling (hands, hips and shoulders). AND I may be the one who helps a new leader to build up his confidence.

    I regards this as an investment for both of us....
    He might be a great leader in time and/or he might be a real good friend. And I improve my dancing as well. Both regarding styling and my ability to cope with leading signals.

    Don't be afraid...if some girl invite you for a dance and you feel she is too good...she has taken the decision all by her own.

    And don't be afraid to ask.

    In time you will do the same kind of investment in the salsa community.

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    Swingholder, I think you may be right.
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  8. HF

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    Here I simply have to drop in that I've had a great time last Wednesday when I danced with a very good lady and suddenly she said: "Well, you are my favorite dancer of all!" I think my eyes must have been as big as saucers. :oops:

    I asked her, why just me. And then she said (now it comes): "You are not dancing so wildly as others, and you look to the place to be free where you lead me then".

  9. Alias

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    There are in point of fact two questions:
    Who learns faster?... The leader or the follower?
    Who learns faster?... The men or the women?

    Taking into account that the common case is "man leader and woman follower" and "man inviting and woman invited" (unless the two know each other).
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    I suppose that a lead might improve his style by dancing with a better follow. I dare say that women would learn moves faster since they are being led through them. A lead would have to be shown moves and so he would learn moves more slowly. But maybe a guy could pick up style faster by dancing with good dancers immediately than he would by dancing with women at or below his level. If that's the case, as far as style goes, maybe leads and follows learn style at more or less the same rate. Hmmm. Actually, I think I disagree with this. Women seem to get style better, faster, than men do. At least most of them do in my experience. Still, guys might improve their style by dancing with good follows.
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    And, even though the leader needs more training and more work before he can achieve bare-minimum competence on the dance floor, it is also true that the sooner he can transition to the dance floor the faster he will learn. Not only does he need to go out and practice what he's been taught under real-world conditions, but many of the dance skills he needs to learn can only be learned on the dance floor, so the longer he waits the longer it's going to take for him to learn those skills.

    And, in recognition of HF's contribution, I think that the beginning leader's first priority should be to work on his lead and the basics.

    I'm still somewhat of a beginner in salsa (a few months four years ago, another 3 months a year ago, and now in the third month this go-around) and I get a lot of favorable reactions from my partners in class when they find that I'm stepping and moving "just right". Well, I'm still trying to figure out the movement thing, so I tend to take my cue from my partner (especially if she's "got it") and match her movements. It only seems to them that I move "just right" because I'm matching them. They sure will be disappointed when I finally develop my style and start using it instead.
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    The truth, actually, is that we followers *don't* have to learn moves at all. It is very often the case that we don't really know the moves we do -- we just know how to respond to the lead. These responses are quite simple and become almost instinctive after a while, like "move in the direction you are led while maintaining the basic step pattern", "body follows the arm", etc. This is a distinct advantage followers have over leaders, who have to learn and know moves in order to use them on the dancefloor.

    Sometimes my SO watches me dance and asks later how a certain move I've just done goes. I haven't the slightest clue. It takes a great deal of experimentation to work it out -- he tries something that he thinks was the move, I say "nah it wasn't like that", he tries something else, I say "nop, not that either" and so on and so forth, until I go "that's it! That's the move" :D :lol: :lol:
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    This advantage of followers not having to learn patterns can be offsetted by the difficulties in following patterns that they have never done. These difficulties become obvious when the lead is not competant, when there's a stylistic (eg cuban vs LA) difference between the lead and follower, when the follower herself is not competant, etc.

    So both followers and leads have their own difficulties and advantages. Hmmmm I dunno what can be said about this topic that has not been said before in this forum really...
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    My point is that women learn faster. They go from lead to lead, from style to style. That helps. Now, if a man gets home from work or from school, turns his mucic up and dances, he can cut the time considerably.

    I viewed the chart and have my doubts about its accuracy. Some times men think they are top dancers. Having seen new Salseros from different places, I noticed that many are more snoby than they are good dancers.

    The opposite I've seen with women. If she has the ability to follow a fast and complicated footworking Cuban, and any top dancer in the club, she is a top dancer. She is even better than the guy who taught her.

    Women have less problem grooving, that may be one of their traits.
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    Many people like me for the same reasons...soulmates in spirit? :wink: :)
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    ¡Way to go, HF!

    That's a key point :D
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    Re: Learning

    Care to expound? 8) :)

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