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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by hbboogie1, Jun 12, 2009.

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    Hell no! I made this mistake and wasted a lot of time and money doing it. Had I known what I know now. Also, had I known about DF, it would have saved me so much time and aggravation.
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    Actually, if you took my post out of your post, its only 1/2 as wordy!;)
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    Bumping this one...

    Have any of the teachers here done any formal "teacher training" courses? If so, which? Would you recommend them?
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    Did some at the Academia in BsAs. Would recommend it... kind of.
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    Re: Shadowing

    "... are very happy to share what we have learnt and ... to offer that you shadow us teaching a tango course, if you want to observe how we teach tango. It is not for free, of course, ... "

    Interesting way of binding the advanced students to a teacher, and take further money .. In fact they should pay for assistance, didn´t they?
  9. Dave Bailey

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    Well, presumably it's a reciprocally-beneficial relationship. It seems reasonable enough.

    And given that most London teachers would rather gouge their eyes out with rusty spoons before sharing their "secrets", I'm happy that these guys are willing to share.

    Of course, I've no problems with sharing my secrets - for example, here's my class notes from yesterday. Perhaps I don't have the right Tango Attitude.

    The Cambridge thing is interesting, but it's a bit far from me. I've contacted both the UKA and IDTA organisations to see what they provide in this area.
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    That isnt fair OD; Mike and Stephanie give a lot of thought to what they teach and how they teach it, and it has evolved over time; they are pretty transparent about how they go about it see below;


    and the UKA accreditation I believe has to come from the UKA not Mike and Stephanie
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    A lot of the teachers I respect do, or have done, Teacher Week at El Corte. The El Corte site seems to indicate that next summer they are doing a week for participants in previous Teacher Weeks; it'd be worth checking with Eric to see if he's also doing the normal programme for new attendees, and to ask his advice on other options.
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    Well, that's glowing recommendation... kind of... :tongue:
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    Bleedin' UKA haven't answered my email though... :(
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    C'MON mate you got the UOL qualeriffication; the University of Life; doesn' give you insurance but its werf more innint?

    An' for a small sum i can knock you a bonafide MA Hons in Tango certificate from an Hoxbridge University of your choice :Newnham if you've the gall ;)
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    Sounds like a bargain guv.
  17. Dave

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    He's got the gall, but I don't think he has the ovaries.
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    bung me a monkey and he'll ave a 'Arley street specialist saying he's got Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome. Sort- ed
  19. Dave

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    Y'know, you're not the first person to suggest David Bailey suffers from Insensitivity. The trouble is, he get's doubly insensitive when you bring it up...
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