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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by Vin, May 14, 2006.

  1. Vin

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    I was reading a thread about dancing on1 in an on2 city and salsalawyer said that alot of locals don't go to LA congress, I already know this to be true in NY as well. It kind of baffles me to be honest. Why wouldn't local dancers take the opportunity to dance with people from outside their local scene who take dancing seriously enough to have come to a congress?

    Yes I have heard people say that the dancing is better at Jimmy's than at the congress but even if that's the case . . .

    By missing out on your own congress you miss the opportunity to meet and dance with a huge influx of people you have never met/danced with.

    I have also heard that the scene in LA is so big that you are always meeting new people . . .

    But I would imagine that at a congress you have a better chance of meeting alot of new people who also are fun to dance with.

    Finally I think some people get too involved in the politics of the scene, not wanting to support the promotor, but really, especially if you live locally, isn't the cost of going social dancing, often with a live band and a few hundred(or thousand in some cases) hard-core dancers worth it?
  2. africana

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    It's only really prevalent in NY & LA congresses as these are the geographical centers of salsa origination, they have sent out their 'ambassadors' to the outtermoust parts of the planet "preaching the gospel of salsa" for years.They have more pros than they know what to do with lol so they don't *need* their local congresses as such unless there's $$ to be made or saved
    So the answer to your question is very simple: follow the $$ trail

    -If the congress promoters dish out the $$ they will come. But it's often cheaper to bring in outside talent, for teaching & performing, and also to diversify the attendance
    One problem I've heard about is people not wanting to perform at congresses if they aren't getting paid, or paid as well as alternative gigs. this will be especially true for NY/LA's heaviest hitters who are invited everywhere

    -If alternative events offer similar or better advantages at cheaper prices, why would they bother with a congress? NYC is a perfect example. local dancers can get all the congress benefits, and MUCH more without the expense of a congress (better and more live bands, dancing with visitors from all over, better dancers, etc)
    I even knew folks that came to the congress but skipped out Sunday night to go to Jimmy's instead (I would have done it too if i hadn't purchased my pass already ;) )

    in the end the politics only really comes up when the distribution of $$ or the prestige that brings $$ doesn't sit right with various parties
  3. Salcero

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    In NYC, there are people from all over the world dancing salsa/mambo 365 days a year so that isn't a big deal. Plus, a lot of great events in the summer in NYC are FREE so NYers are spoiled and many don't want to pay high Congress prices for the same thing they get all summer for free. Also, if you look at the history of salsa you realize that in NYC - salsa is part of the NYC culture, especially for Latinos. Congresses are cute events, but NYers eat, sleep, listen to and dance a very high level of salsa all the time so many see the Congress as just a money making event. Lastly, Congresses are the same thing every year basically ... NYers get bored with the same thing fast because there is so much innovation and energy in the environment.

    Obviously, this is my opinion and I don't pretend to speak for all NYers and I'm generalizing.

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