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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by Big10, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. Big10

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    Fernando Sosa is an extremely talented individual dancer, but let me phrase my answer this way: I have not seen Fernando Sosa freestyling with a partner throughout a whole song in a way that makes the partnership look more musical than that WCS clip of John Lindo & Blake Hobby. Actually, I could probably come up with at least a dozen freestyle partner-dancing video clips that look as good or better (from a musicality standpoint) as anything I've seen Fernando Sosa do with a partner.

    I think the Salsa world has lots of talented dancers, and I've seen many rehearsed/choreographed Salsa routines that I really like. However, I still think there is plenty of room for improvement in the musicality of Salsa dancers in our everyday social dancing -- from the lowest levels all the way to the top.
  2. Sagitta

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    ACtually my experience is that clubs play the same music over and over so I've heard the same songs so many times that now I sometimes feel like puking when I hear the song come on and have to go outside. I feel that there needs to be more variety and fewer songs repeated.
  3. SurfSalsa

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    I agree with what Don Silver said - especially if you're starting to dabble with musicality, it helps a lot to get a better understanding of the music by listening to it a lot.

    But having said that, I agree - it's really a pity if the clubs play songs to death. Hell, it's not as if they don't have a wide selection to choose from. I love it in a club scene to hear something totally new I have never ever heard before - that's also good to develop your musicality on (and just to enjoy for the sake of enjoying it!)
  4. etp777

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    HATE when songs are overplayed, whether at club, comps, wahtever. That's actually one of reasons I refused to learn merengue to start. Had same guy always do music for local ballroom comps here, and he used same song for every single merengue heat, at every comp. Couldn't do merengue (even out at club, at home wherever) without thinking of that song
  5. kayak

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    TJ - I saw your vid clips over in the General Forum. It seems to me like the dancers are showing musicality. They are adjusting to the music, match the lyrics and have some pauses matching pauses in the music. The speed of salsa music keeps the breaks from being hugely dramatic.

    This is what I saw out salsa dancing in Denver last weekend. The styling of musicality if different than swing, but is it really lacking?
  6. tj

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    Depending on how one is defining it, I'd still say that it is, yes.

    Several have said in this thread that some of the differences may be as simple as the music being different. But even so, I still think it's easier to find musicality in WCS video clips than most salsa social dancing clips. I suppose it could be a case of 'familiarity breeding contempt' in that I know too many cases where salsa dancers are completely ignoring the music and am not as familiar with your typical WCS dancer.
  7. Once a while

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    That is because the dance studio socials are not playing that good music. I loved salsa music before I became a slasa dancer. I have always have interests to find good new salsa music. All I can tell you, social events in NYC are not playing top notch salsa music. Issac Delgado a few weeks ago had concert in NYC. One of them in Brooklyn for free, another at SOBS. I found out one day after SOBS concert. The events is not listed in or Most people dance at social will ask who is Issac Delgado. There are better bands than Issac Delgado from Cuba. If you have not listen to Manolito y su Trabuco, Adalberto Alvarez y Su Son and Haila Mompié, you owe yourself to listen to these top musicians from Cuba.

    I am sad in the state of salsa as music in NYC or US. If you go to see a good band play, almost all musician is over 35 mostly over 50. In 70S, many top bands feature much younger musician. I was told once by a guy in a latin music store, that about 20 salsa bands practiced their music in central Park in 70S. Jimmy Bosch is on so many CDs. He is on his own CDs, Cacho's CD, Nelson Gonzalez's CD, Spanish Harlem Orq.'s CD.
  8. Once a while

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    Not ture.

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    Totally OT

    Sorry, but this was posted to completely the wrong thread and I can't remember which one it was supposed to go to. :doh:

    Anyway, thanks for the welcome :)
    Couldn't survive without SF and now DF as well!
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    musicality is the soul of the dance.. most people concentrate on the physical, goinfg thru the motion may be all the challenge they can handle at any point in time.. the mentality of the dancer is what links both.. and most have their mentality rigged on motor issues.. combo's .. shines .. styling.. technique etc..

    the soul needs a trigger.. this trigger can come thru a number of ways.. to the talented, it comes naturally .. to the less talented .. it needs to be part of their training or thru experience on the floor, in time given an open mind..
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    Well put!
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    cheers.. yeah, i get lucky sometimes
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    :lol: My lips are sealed! :lol:

    Back on topic, the below is from Edie's latest newsletter. I admit to having something of a giggle, when I read certain parts of it.

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    pff.. fat chance of that happenining in this lifetime ;)
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    :? "We" did manage to put Neil Armstrong on the moon, didn't we? Or didn't we? :roll: :tongue: :lol:
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    !!! You and Sabor have some hidden talents that the rest of us didn't realize! :mrgreen: :rolleyes: :tongue::nope:
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    :doh: :lol: I hope you are not suggesting that I was out of diapers in 1969! :tongue: :lol:
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    Hmm... 70-(2007-1969) = 32. Are you saying that you were wearing diapers at the age of 32? :shock: ;)
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    You should be so lucky! :mrgreen:

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