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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by mjnemeth, Apr 23, 2012.

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    Indiana. Though given it's right over the line from Michigan where, you know, Custer was born, where we have Fort Custer (this is how it came up), where his wife lived...yeah.

    You're ahead of me in wood shop. I mostly learned why it was a bad idea to allow middle schoolers access to a band saw.

    Of course what they REALLY need is a class in "This Is Not a Magic Money Card: Credit Cards and What Interest Is", "Writing Checks", "What 'Withholding' Means And Why Your Hourly Rate Isn't What You Take Home"....
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    I actually DID get that class in school! It was one of the most useful lessons I ever had in middle school.

    And I completely agree on the "get the basics under control first" theory - as do, I suspect, most educators. Especially when the basics compete with things like dance for resources like money and time. Though there is a fine line here, since the lessons learned in dance (or any fine/performing arts) go a long way to helping to learn the basic facts - even if it's in an abstract way like developing the correct parts of the brain, teaching discipline and patience and self-awareness, listening, learning to interact with another human being without a smart phone, etc.
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    One of my teachers did a lesson in her class every year on things you won't be told about credit cards until its too late.

    As far as the Custer thing, I would suspect that wherever she went to school placed less emphasis on the dark past (and really, that wasn't major in the grand scheme of things, even if they did cover the relocation).

    I remember Middle School shop class... In the 6th grade I went 3 times over the course of the year (that was the morning I was out for gifted). In the 8th grade we had either a quarter or half year that was woodshop for part and CAD for the other... we did do injection molding though which was kind of neat.

    On the topic of people having no clue where you think they should, my intro to engineering class really amazed me, other schools must not teach mechanical drawing/cad.

    BOT: I think that square dance is taught because it is more local cultural history than other dances.
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    My high school offered a dance class where instructors from local studios were brought in to teach ballet, jazz, lyrical, hip hop, and my ballroom instructor would teach a few weeks of ballroom to the class.

    Also, one of the teachers in the school district happened to be an instructor at the studio I go to, so she was able to teach ballroom in an after school club, where I first started dancing. After she transferred to a different school district I was able to keep it going for a little bit with my instructor volunteering his time to teach it (in hopes of more people like me getting hooked), but guys never showed up because "dancing is gay" as they would say, and most of the people there had no interest in continuing lessons outside of the club.
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    Other PE sports recruit by teaching the "sport:" to every one and then asking "have you tried out for the team" . So every one would getto participate at least then just so they can recruit.
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    I'll try to take the other side without sounding too much like an ogre. Everybody loves being inclusive, but if you make it too easy then people with the athletic potential to become good dancers will decide that dancing is boring and stupid. Meanwhile, people without much potential are not going to persue dancing in the future anyway.
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    I agree. To me tennis, football and basketball don't do any better, and partner dance has more social benefits.

    I know few schools teaching partner dance, mainly ballroom dancing (I do Latin). But what's our (partner dancers) percentage in the population? And as the media shapes the perception of the public, what is our share in it?

    I personally find Hollywood movies boring when they mix sport games with the same love/break-up stories in different ways over and over and over and over ... . DWTS can be helpful in attraction people's attention, but I don't like either because it is too much into showing off just like what Hollywood emphasises.

    I don't watch TV that often, but from Youtube, I like something like this.

    I don't know if that's only on Youtube or on a real TV channel as well.

    I think partner dance is still more social than business, and that why it's hardly finding its way into the media.
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    That a interesting question . I wonder what it is ; small I think at least compare to 50 and 100 years ago.
    I don't see the same number of dance (night) club around as in the 60s and 70s.
    Thats in central NJ

    That links is interesting might want to share it in a separate thread..

    No I think just the reverse more of a business. Another good question for a new thread.

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