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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by thespina13, Apr 17, 2006.

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    Not good enough to do anything else? People don't realize the talent, energy, focus, and PRACTICE it takes to be a truly great dancer. From my experience, my friends who don't salsa when I've invited them countless times in a positive, enthusiastic way, don't because they don't want to be a beginner. They want something to come effortless. It takes no effort to sit your knat on a stool and pretend you're interesting on a Friday night. Salsa and other forms of dance are great ways to get the WHOLE PACKAGE-social outing, great workout, challenge your mind, body and soul. Most people want to be passively entertained. Dance takes action. Most people are not willing or motivated to take that step.

    Dance also takes extreme confidence and perseverence, so dancers tend to have these qualities. Most people do not have these qualities. Most people are lazy and insecure. I know this sounds harsh, but I think it's true. I think dance can develop confidence and perseverence in any person who wants positive transformation. So when people give me that "look," or make snide comments, it reminds me to be grateful for having courage and strength that these people lack.
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    While I know you're right... It still doesn't mean that I don't feel really sad many times. I'd really like to write an incredibly long and sad post right now but I won't.

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    very wise words! Things I've thought about...
    It's probably harder for those who choose to fully invest their life into dance, to make a living out of it. For the rest of us it's just a personal obsession
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    I'll confess that when my sister started dancing, several years before I did, I kinda made fun of her, in an affectionate way, I hope--siblings, you know. But what I was making fun of, I think, was less dancing itself, and more the obsessiveness of the "convert" she displayed. Someone else showing great enthusiasm over something you don't understand at all can seem funny! It's not kind, but it's true.

    Of course, she paid me back when I started dancing and she made fun of me for making fun of her for all the things I was now doing!

    Now dancing is something that she and I share and it has brought us closer. I look for understanding of how I feel about dancing from other dancers. For my non-dance friends, I talk about dancing, but more on the surface, stuff like "I've started learning a new dance, I went to this competition, etc.." The friends who understand the best are those who have passions of their own. Even if they don't understand dancing, they understand what it is to have a passion. A lot of people lead pretty passion-less lives and get uncomfortable when confronted by what they are missing, even if they don't realize it.
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    Me Too!!!

    I moved to the DC Metro area about a year and 1/2 ago and love it but I hail from a small town in Northwest Florida -- backdoor to Alabama. A few months ago my baby sister came up to visit and I told her she'd have to come with me to a salsa lesson I'd already scheduled. She was in total agreement and sat in the studio while I "did my thing". At one point, however, the instructor and I decided to take a breather so I looked up to see my sis on her cellphone, ducked down as if no one could hear her. I realize she's talking to my mom and basically "tattling" on me in disbelief!!! "Mom, she's dancing salsa!!!" It was sssooooo funny. But then again, totally expected. My family generally just doesn't "get it". My current teacher asked me to walk through some moves for her to post to her website. Once they were up, I sent my parents the URL but didn't explain anything about what they'd be seeing. My father got it first and calls into the living room to my mother to come watch. "J", he says "our daughter is dancing on the internet". As if I were doing some lewd, half-naked, pay-per-minute sex show. They are ssooo funny. Ya gotta love 'em. But I will say this, just because they don't really understand it hasn't kept them from supporting me in what I want to do. They hear the passion in my voice when I talk about it, they know I'm serious because I'm ALWAYS talking about it, and THAT'S something they DO understand -- PASSION!

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