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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by Spitfire, Oct 20, 2003.

  1. motardmom

    motardmom New Member

    And PLEASE in the name of everything holy, wear DANCE PANTS!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:
  2. cocodrilo

    cocodrilo New Member

    I've been asked by lots of girls to dance. I guess we must look pretty good dancing together as I am about a foot taller than most Japanese girls, but unfortunately I don't know how to lead.

    I've asked guys on many occasions to dance, usually when there is a really hot song I HAVE to dance to or if the guy was just irresistably cute 8) .
  3. Sabor

    Sabor New Member

    well.. i'd ask u for sure Coco.. i could tell u'd be alot of fun dancing.. i always could tell about salseras :D .. and no worries, i'll be way taller :wink:
  4. cocodrilo

    cocodrilo New Member

    OK, and I'll be sure to bathe before we dance! :lol: :lol: :lol: BTW, how tall ARE you? :shock:
  5. Sabor

    Sabor New Member

    LOL.. no worries.. i also can tell that u are fresh as a flower after a mild rain.. :wink: hey, Japanese are famous for their care with cleanliness,, one of the things i love about that culture 8)

    i'm 6'3 ft.
  6. Pacion

    Pacion New Member

    And that is with his lime green socksies on :twisted:
  7. cocodrilo

    cocodrilo New Member

    Perfect! (I'm not Japanese BTW, but I dig taking showers. Does that count?) :D
  8. Sabor

    Sabor New Member

    sure does :D
  9. bailamos

    bailamos New Member

    I was very shy in asking someone to dance because I was unsure of my dancing and following abilities and sat out many dances. :cry:
    I am now more confident now and fortunate that I do get asked to dance. But I always wonder, how do the guys feel about getting asked to dance? Do they feel they awkward and that they should make their choice?

    Guys? Tell us your side.
  10. MacMoto

    MacMoto Active Member

    Welcome to DF, bailamos! :D

    How often do you ask guys now?

    And yes, I want to know what guys feel about being asked by women too!
  11. MacMoto

    MacMoto Active Member

    Hmm, interesting.
    The only time I ask women to dance is when I'm willing to lead. I sometimes ask absolute beginner ladies who are watching dancers, moving their body to the music and looking ask if they want to join in. Since I can't lead more than the basic step and turns, I don't ask women who can dance. When a woman asks me to dance (this does happen occasionally since I'm in a follow-heavy scene), I take that to mean she is going to lead. I feel it's a bit cheeky to ask a woman to lead me, even when I know she can lead and have seen her lead other women.

    Any thoughts?
  12. tj

    tj New Member

    Ditto that! Welcome to DF!

    In general, we like it.

    I was asked by this one particularly awesome dancer on Monday. Quite the honor - I'm still smiling about it...

    Actually, if a woman comes up and starts talking to me, I'll usually take the hint and ask her to dance once a new song comes on.
  13. etchuck

    etchuck New Member

    By intention, I usually do sit out a few songs. More to be sure I'm not completely wiped out by the end of the evening, but I also see exactly how friendly and courageous some of the women are in terms of asking me to dance. I may get asked perhaps 5 times for a 3-hour dance.

    How do I feel about it? Heck, I'm all for it. To heck with the stereotypical demure wallflower that women are supposed to be. If you know I'm a good dancer and you want to dance with me, if I'm taking a break, go ahead and be a... woman.
  14. bailamos

    bailamos New Member

    Thanks all for the welcome. :D

    I have no problem asking men to dance now, I am even bolder now and ask top level dancers! I have no shame!
    But I do have my amateur dancer partner now with whom I dance with about 90% of the time. We are always working on our dances and technique, we take every opportunity to practice what we learn in a lesson.

    Getting back to the subject at hand.......... At a social stituation where there may be a cross generation of ages, I have often wondered if an older gentleman would feel awkward to be asked to dance by a lady?
  15. Tetsuyama

    Tetsuyama New Member

    At the small ballroom studio I go to most of the time, it's no big deal for the follows to ask leads to dance. Probably partially a result of it not being a pick-up joint, and partially because there's a really supportive learning atmosphere.

    It's been a while since I went to some of the bigger dance halls in downtown Seattle, but it seems far less common in those situations from what I remember. Of course, it *has* been about four years since I was going out downtown on anything like a regular basis, so things may have changed...
  16. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    Hi Tetsuyama! Welcome. :D
  17. tacad

    tacad New Member

    Hi bailamos! Being asked to dance is pretty cool actually. Not a problem at all. I suppose it gives me a break from being the pursuer and I get to feel pursued for a second.
  18. squirrel

    squirrel New Member

    I've been asked to dance as a lead by some follows (I am a follow, for the record). I find it flattering and fun! Still, I noticed that only women who have the guts to ask guys to dance also invite me... and not all of them! Just some... (I'm not counting friends in...)
  19. Tetsuyama

    Tetsuyama New Member

    Thank you! Glad to be here. I've been reading the forums for several days, but only now finally got around to posting. :)

    I probably should have answered Bailamos' question specifically in my previous post: the leads I know are all generally pretty flattered if a follow asks them for a dance. So I second Tacad's post -- it's cool; not a problem at all.
  20. tj

    tj New Member

    It's unusual for a Follow to ask a Lead in the Seattle Salsa scene (such as the Century). I knew several Leads who bitched and moaned about it. Of course, that depends who you are - the Chavez bros and the Salvaje guys for example get asked a lot. But avg joe schmoe won't typically get asked by a Follow who doesn't already know him.

    (In my observations, at least.)

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