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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by Salsaonone, Mar 14, 2005.

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    my imagination is running wild already ! were those girls hot ? were they a couple of blondes from South America ? ;)
  2. Not that this should matter, but both of these girls were Smokin' and I don't mean cigarettes brother :wink:

    Heading off to my Tango lesson, catch you guys later!

  3. Forgot to answer your 2nd question. The one that invited me back had long straight dark brown hair, the enforcer had shoulder length dirty blonde hair. No they're locals from Michigan.
  4. gte692h

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    yay! i like how this thread is turning out !
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    I haven't read the rest of this thread, but being irritated at her seems like a waste. Maybe this was her first time watching Salsa? Maybe she wanted to build confidence before ahe accepted a dance? Maybe just by offering to show her a single basic pattern she might have accepted?

    I'd say it could be her loss, not your's. :roll:
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  10. DancePoet

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    Politeness is certainly best. If I refuse a woman for a dance, I try to be polite in some manner.
  11. DancePoet

    DancePoet Well-Known Member

    This was polite, understanding, and seemingly helpful! I like it! :D
  12. DancePoet

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    If a woman refuses a dance, it can be like a woman refusing a date, go ask another one. ;)
  13. Salsaonone

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    Is this to me??? I see that If *I* come on a little strong with an opinion I get attacked from all sides with more force than I ever used and its ok since I "started" it??? You people are making the strangest leaps of judgments about me. Do you think my venting in cyberspace represents who I am as a total individual??? Are you the type of poeple who judge a person's value by the way they dance on the dance floor??

    I have NEVER, EVER, EVER "gropped" a woman who wasnt currently making love to me at the same time in a private location... I would never touch a woman in some private place on the dance floor or anywhere else without their approval and I dont do that in public places anway....accidents may occur, but that happens....To think that my frustration over a woman's refusal to dance makes me some sick pervert on the dance floor is quite insulting.

    I dance with all level of followers and enjoy each one....I will dance with women who are way better than I will ever be, and I dance with women who are just starting out....And to their approval or dismay I almost NEVER ask them out or for their phone numbers..even the ones I find extremely attractive...perhaps I need to change that..hmm..I walk them off the floor, say thank you (perhaps with a small hug), and walk off....

    If you care to find out what kind of person I am, come out and visit me and spend some time with me, then you can guys are amazing...and must admit amusing..... :wink: And if this wasnt towards me, its still all true... :twisted:
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    Ummm, Salsaonone :roll: I suspect you don't know many of us either and are jumping to the conclusion that we (some of us) are jumping on you, figuratively speaking of course :wink: .

    You see, that is the "problem" with the internet. You have strangers communicating/"chatting with one another" without frames of reference in terms of personality, voice intonations and body languague. Therefore misunderstandings can, and do occur. Unfortunately, your original post did come across even to me, as if you were venting... and I am not american :D

    As a moderator, if you haven't already, I would like to invite you to revisit your original post (now that some time has elapsed since you posted it) and see whether it does convey the meaning you intended or the one that many of us received. If in any doubt, please repharse in another posting and let us (the other DF members) see if we perhaps were a bit hasty in how we perceived your thread. :D
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    don't slap your head so many times ! it could affect your dancing ;)
    and you always reply the same way to my posts !
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    Re: Sheesh

    Ok, on my behalf: I do not and did not judge you. But we've all had our share of rude refusals, we've all had to refuse in a rude manner at some point, etc. I think anyone could have started this discussion.

    (Although I do think you got a bit "overheated" in your first post.)
  18. Paou

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    Re: Sheesh

    Well said.
  19. Rosa

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    Love your metaphors, Macha! :twisted:
  20. Sagitta

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    Re: Sheesh

    A personal experience from last night. I somehow asked someone to dance verbally almost just after someone else asked non-verbally from a distance. Person said the next dance to me. 3 dances and no sign of her. She starts the 4th dance!! I simply decide that if she ever wants to dance with me she'll have to ask me as I have no clue what she means by what she says. :wink: :)

    From my perspective..bugging a person as you describe is a little on the outrageous side Salsaonone.

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