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Discussion in 'General Dance Discussion' started by morgrob, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. tsb

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    you make it sound like some of your partners feel like there's a reward for finishing first!

    because you used the phrase "masters of the steps" it seems to me that part of the issue could be how the class is being taught. it is my personal view that dancing is not about "steps" - it is about leading and following. but it could be that your class is teaching "steps" and you are essentially doing a pre-set choreographed routine with each partner every time you rotate - this is the only way your partners could know for sure what figure is coming next.

    if this is the case, your best alternative IMO is to find a class that emphasizes lead & follow over "steps". if there are no alternative classes, perhaps you might asking the instructor to let the leads choose which figures to lead vs. doing a pre-programmed sequence. then those partners won't be able to anticipate the figures.
  2. morgrob

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    We don't just learn steps with the goal of a pre-set routine. We learn lead and follow of each step as well, but I feel like some people ignore the lead and follow and just do foot work. I realize that a new pattern comes in several steps, in terms of 1 learning where to put your feet, 2 how to move your body, 3 how to move it in relationship to a partner and 4 how to move together with good alignment and such, but I think people who think they know everything just like to lead...but like I said I tend to be also more timid with people who are not my maybe it all stems from that.
  3. jennyisdancing

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    Samina's suggestions are good ones. And if there are at least some ladies who are following you well, that's good. I think there are always a few ladies who don't follow very well, especially in a class. They may be just too anxious about dancing the pattern properly. Try dancing with them at a social and see if they still try to back lead even when they don't know what's coming. If that's the case, then you can minimize your dancing with them. Maybe just enough to be polite, especially if there's a shortage of men.
  4. tsb

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    thanks for the clarification, but i'm still not sure i've comprehended the situation entirely,

    actually, when it comes to a dance like argentine tango, all i need to know is HER footwork - from there it boils down to how *i* need to move while staying connected to get her to move her body accordingly so that her feet follow how her body moves. but that's an extreme that probably doesn't apply in your classes.

    there's a lot of that also. but when it comes to class/lessons, it's my belief that it's a follow's duty to follow what's been led - so as to give honest feedback for someone who wants to improve his lead. but kindness should still be the overriding value. if a leader is just not getting it despite their best efforts, and is clearly becoming visibly frustrated i personally would look more kindly on a follow who chose to backlead a move in an attempt to encourage their partner.

    but it can also be a reflection of how a class is being taught - if someone is taught in absolutes "the move is always this way" they will learn to rely more on muscle memory than on the interaction going on between them and their partner.

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