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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by genEus, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. genEus

    genEus New Member

    It was a slight shock for me and my gf to find out that a mediocre-looking pair of heels cost $150 at WorldTone. Can't you just take your plain ol' "regular" shoes that cost a fraction of that and pay a shoe maker $20 to attach a suede sole? Anyone ever done that?
  2. Josh

    Josh Active Member

    I've heard of kits that serve that purpose, as well as taking shoes to a repairman, and getting suede put on. Often studios will have shoes for cheaper, so check with some of them... at mine I think they're $60? Not an endorsement, but I tried on some shoes made by Tankaa (web address should be obvious), and their men's shoes felt heavenly--in fact, just ordered a pair of black and white. Looks like they have women's for $100. Maybe give them a try?
  3. alemana

    alemana New Member

    there are plenty of options below that price. if you buy ballroom-quality heels (supadance, dance naturals, ray rose, etc) at WT you can pay that much, but they have more mid-priced lines, and even more are avail online.

    also, what i do (flame me now or flame me later) is try on the heels at WT or at a comp, then search online for the model i want. buying online is cheaper, even with shipping, even when they are shipped internationally.
  4. yippee1999

    yippee1999 Member

    Great idea Alemana! Why didn't I think of that!
  5. Salcero

    Salcero Member

    This does not answer your question, but it seems like there may be other less costly options than WorldTone. I say this because it seems like their shoes are priced relatively high. Have you explored other vendors like Tankaa shoes or purchasing online? I think Capezio has a couple of outlets in Jerzee that may also sell dance shoes at below market prices.

    As far as getting suede put on shoes, this is discussed on the NYC mambo site and there are a couple of recommended shoe repair shops listed. Good luck!!
  6. genEus

    genEus New Member

    And... in other news... Worldtone, the store famous for its wide collection of dance shoes and exorbitant prices, is closing its doors forever.

    lol. :rolleyes:
  7. alemana

    alemana New Member

    i always buy shoes there the first time i try a new model. but when i buy repeats of the same shoe, i do order online to save money.
  8. waltzgirl

    waltzgirl Active Member

    I've had suede soles put on a pair of dance sneakers. Cost about $20 and works great.

    It depends on what kind of dancing you're doing. If you're beginners or looking for shoes for social dancing, putting suede on a pair of comfortable shoes with not-too-rigid soles could work. But for competition training or more advanced technique, you need the ballroom shoes.
  9. Sagitta

    Sagitta Well-Known Member

    I prefer beach sandals for my most advanced work. (Well...I'm maybe an intermediate salsa dancer at a Seems to work pretty well. ;-) Shoes are not that great actually. I have ballroom shoes, swing shoes, high heel men shoes for ballrom latin...I just wish I had found out about the sandals before I spent all that money...

    For ladies however, with the high heels? I think shoes with proper support are essential, so maybe the extra money may be worth it. After all you only have one pair of feet.
  10. KiwiMambo

    KiwiMambo New Member

    Thank goodness my favorite shoes are Jazz shoes which are cheap. Question for the ladies. Do you prefer dancing in heels rather than say Jazz shoes? Or are heels simply more fashionable and go with your outfit? I noticed a few girls at the congress wearing Jazz shoes. Since I'm only 5' 5", I appreciate it when girls wear Jazz shoes :). 2 inches shorter really does make a big difference for me. It can make a good dance be a great dance.
  11. Twilight_Elena

    Twilight_Elena Well-Known Member

    Making your own shoes out of street shoes? I'd never do it. Dance shoes are made for dancing. Street shoes are made for walking. Their construction is different because of that. I suppose if one is on an incredibly tight budget and can't find a dance shoe for 60$ (which you can via many routes) then you can put suede on a pair of street shoes. But I wouldn't advise it.

  12. Josh

    Josh Active Member

    Good point TE, actually, I can't say I have bought any decent pair of men's shoes for less than $60, which is how much most of my dance shoes cost. Street shoes will often be MORE expensive.
  13. genEus

    genEus New Member

    I've read in one of your posts about your expensive clothes addiction ;), but you can often buy great elegant shoes at very reasonable prices in stores like Marshall's or DSW. You just have to watch when they get their shipments and keep checking stock every once in a while.
  14. Josh

    Josh Active Member

    I confess, I have a problem. :wink: Actually though, I have bought and do buy shoes at DSW (have not been to Marshall's), and have found some good ones there. But even there I can't find a really niiice pair for under $60...
  15. genEus

    genEus New Member

    The key, so to speak, is to buy when you don't "need" a pair of shoes. Then you can let yourself walk away and come back another time... :)
  16. alemana

    alemana New Member

    actually, TE, making salsa shoes out of street shoes is not that uncommon. plenty of people dance salsa in puma's that are worn smooth, and i've seen lots of folks adapt sneakers and other shoes for dancing with success. dance shoes are very expensive even if you go the cut-rate route.

    perhaps this is the kind of question where experience with the subject matter makes for a more useful response.

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