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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by Some Day, Nov 28, 2007.

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    My version: You laugh at me because I am different, I pity you because you are like everyone else.

    Thanks Big10 for taking the time to view the clips. You are so right about my daughter....she does have a ways to go.

    Big10, have no idea how significant those words are in our lives right now. I would love to chat with you on this subject, but I would not want to burden you with our problems.

    You're not from the Houston area by any chance, are you? I have some biz to take care of in Houston in a week or 2 and am thinking of taking my daughter with me. ...any good under 18 clubs?.
  2. Big10

    Big10 Member

    Actually, yes, I do live in the finest city in Texas, i.e., Houston. :cool:

    Send me a PM when you have decided whether your daughter will join you, and indicating which day(s) you will be here. There are a few options where kids under 18 can participate, on 3 or 4 different days of the month -- but they'll occasionally vary, which is why I'll need a PM with specific dates.
  3. barrefly

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    Big10, I have sent you a PM.
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    What the Judges Look for - A WSC's Insider's View

    "They was robbed!" "They shudda won!" How many times have we shouted that out at a competition?

    Ever wonder exactly what the judges are looking for at a salsa competition.

    Jennifer Aucioin one of the judges at the 3rd World Salsa Championships in Orlando took the time to explain how the judges judge, exactly what they are looking for and advice for competitors. gets you there.
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    Cannot access the link...
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    Still no permission. I think it's my server settings...
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    The link works for me. (thanks for sharing it, SalsaTO)
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    I asked Albert Torres this weekend why the results still isn't announced at their website. The reason is that the competition isn't broadcasted yet

    Understandable why they do not announce the result on the web. They have a maillinglist instead for all salsafreaks who wanna know in advance.

    I thought it was send "live" :shock: . Now I know better....

  10. tj

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    Congrats on post #1000, btw, Lucretia. :)
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    Ditto!!! :cheers:
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  13. tj

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    Well, it was finally broadcast tonight on ESPN2. Supposed to be on the air 12:30am 6/4, too.
  14. dance234

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    I watched it tonight.

    Pineda is a beautiful dancer *and* a great leader. He displayed the total package - poise, relaxed confidence, energy, presence, the right attitude towards his lady - all the things you expect of a champion, and all the things it's far easier for a champion to display than a contender. He had the perfect mix of technique and a deep understanding of the roots of the dance. I love that he's a salsero - not a ballroom dancer or a jazz dancer slumming in the salsa world.

    Their choreography also had a lot of nice elements - play and fun, specifically. Again, that's easiest to do when you're the top dog and at the top of your game.

    Of all the men in the final, he's the one I would grab at a social and ask to dance. That's what I want leading me. (Wait, now that I mention that... I've actually danced with two of the others. Woops!)

    Luda... sorry, but eh.

    Of all the women, the one I enjoyed watching most was Marielys. What a relief to see a woman with that level of body mastery, rhythm, and performance skills (compared to some of the other women in the final, with really horrid facial expressions, unpointed feet, technique-less turns, or the other extreme - Anya Katsevman, a pure if middling ballroom dancer with really nothing to offer salsa. Honestly her performance and persona are more drag queen salsera than anything else. That's the kind of insincerity I feel when I watch her. Hot Tranny Mess.) Marielys just rocked my world... imagine her paired with the right man, a Pineda type. The other woman I enjoyed was Liz. She does not have the polish or training of Marielys, but her dancing was earthy and gutsy and I loved that about it.

    Emily and Junior... I don't get the hubub. They are more contortionists than dancers. That's cool and all, certainly there's some serious skill there, but not skill I'm really interested in. They strike me as young and sweet and in need of good coaching and guidance, plus a large dose of maturity. On the other hand, the shots of Emily crying with what appeared to be relief after the performance were endearing... a nice humanizing touch in the broadcast. Also her makeup was FIERCE (without a hint of tranny!!)
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    Many people feel Emily and Junior won?

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