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Discussion in 'Country and Western' started by Taurus57, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. Steve Pastor

    Steve Pastor Moderator Staff Member

    I can remember (it hasn't been that long ago) when someone asked why they couldn't discuss line dancing. The answer was pretty much, because this site is about couples dancing.
    Well, line dancing has been a big part of the CW scene for quite a while now. I did almost all line dancing for years, until I got comfortable with partner dances. I still love to get out there to do my favorite line dances.
    It's a way to get on the floor and interact with people of the opposite sex, even if you don't know how to do any other dances.
    And, I know I'm not the only one who believes that guys who line dance are better at keeping time with the music than guys who don't. (Most woman do line dances, but they have to follow the guy when they partner dance.)
    Line dancing also helps develop "floorcraft", or less gently put, not crashing into other people when you're dancing.
    It may not make a difference, but it might get more people to be here and write about things if you didn't exclude people who want to talk about their line dancing.
  2. Taurus57

    Taurus57 New Member

    Here is the link:
  3. Steve Pastor

    Steve Pastor Moderator Staff Member

    So, Vince, "the Cowboy Capital of the World, Oakdale, CA". Who knew?
    ( now googling, but fill us in )
    Do those folks ever talk about the days of Western Swing?
  4. Taurus57

    Taurus57 New Member

    I've been to Jubitz recently and they had two dance floors. No one said anything, but it appeared that the line dancers used one and the couples used the other. And both had plenty of use all night. I agree with Steve, if competitive country is to grow, there needs to be an avenue to encourage the social dancers (all social dancers) to try competing. I also know Steve doesn't care much for competition and that's OK. There are more than just him out there who might.

  5. Vince A

    Vince A Active Member

    I don't live there, but if you ask anyone from around here where the capital is . . . that's the answer you'll get . . . and . . . there is a sign going in/out of Oakdale that darn well proves it!!!:rolleyes:

    Yea, and when they do . . . they're talkin' 'bout a place to sit in the evenin' and re-hash the day's e-vents! But there are a lot of line dancers, 2 Steppers, and Aggie Swingers . . .
  6. Vince A

    Vince A Active Member

    I agree with going out to the instructors, and maybe even some Pros, but I have brought the DF up before on the UCWDC forums . . . I've even handed out flyers and business cards before . . . and I couldn't tell you if they've joined . . . no one has said anything, nor would I know who they are just by their DF handle! I've asked to get alink posted on there - back and forth - with no luck.

    If C&W competition and dancing is ever to grow . . . it will take us all to chip in with ideas!!!!!

    So, it's been tried, but if more of us get into this crusade . . . maybe, just maybe . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  7. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    Hmmm, as I recall there was also a question about a line dance forum at one point, and that I do feel is outside the DF purview. Vince is the mod for this forum, and I don't really think he'd mind active threads that happened to focuse on line dancing. That said, the DF is, as a whole, about partnered dance, so people who only line dance really aren't going to fit into the overall community as well (which doesn't mean that they can't visit and post).

    As far as some of the other suggestions, C&W really isn't my thing, so I'm notr the right person to be aproaching C&W people about DF. That said, I'd be happy to follow up with anyone who might want assurance that the DF is interested in encouraging their participation.
  8. Vince A

    Vince A Active Member

    Yep, an occassional line dance question is fine with me . . . as long as it does break out into something like a "Tush Push Grinding" thread . . . I can hear it now. I'd kill it in a heartbeat!

    Maybe Steve Pastor, T-57, SuzieQ, me, and a few other C&W dancers can get something together to present to the UCWDC, the CWDI, and the A???, er, uh, what is that venue out your way, SuzieQ?
  9. SuzieQ

    SuzieQ New Member

    We were in the ACDA venue...basically LA, OK, KS, AR, TX. Not sure I'm even in a venue right now. But if I'm able, I would be glad to help out with connecting some other people up with DF. I did put out some flyers at my old studio a month or so before we moved, and also at a USADance event. I know of one person who joined, but she and her husband actually are trying to get their own forum off the ground.
    I think SlowDancer has also been involved with the ACDA.
  10. b19wh33l5

    b19wh33l5 Member

    I LOVE the country and western forum! Some times I think my heart beats in quick-quick slow-slow timing, lol. You guys are all awsome, and I would not be NEARLY as far as I am today without the answers you all have given me to some of the questions I have posted and reading some of the other questions and answers other people have posted. It can be overwhelming being new to the whole competitive country western scene, even just doing J&J's like I do, and you have all made my life easier. Thank you! Hopefully as I learn more I can contribute more than just questions to this forum, lol (kind of hard right now with only 1 year of dance experience and 1 competition under my belt).

    I LOATHE the Tush Push! Most of the country western places here in Pittsburgh I know about are HEAVILY populated by line dances who do Tush Push and Canadian Stomp about 100 times a night. I like to do a few line dances when I am out at these place in addition to all the partner dancing I do, but it becomes near impossible to do ANY line or partner dancing at these places when all the Tush Pushers and Canadian Stompers take the floor over and over again, but I digress. On a side note I noticed they had a "Bombshell Stomp-off" at worlds, that must have been a site to see!

    I don't currently have any ideas to offer for the forum right now and I only have a year of dance experience under my belt, but if there is anything I can do, let me know. I will be sure to let some of my other dancing friends know about this forum to try to get the population up.
  11. Taurus57

    Taurus57 New Member

    I'm confused with your logic. I understand a line dancer is out there by themselves, but that does not mean they don't do the same steps as a couples dancer. Also, do you want to exclude pro-am dancers too? Yes, they dance as a couple, but really only one of them (the am) is going to contribute to the forum. Technically, they are single too. I'm not trying to cause an argument, just trying to understand the logic of who you want on the DF.

  12. Steve Pastor

    Steve Pastor Moderator Staff Member

    I haven't done the Tush Push for a bunch of years now. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't keep myself entertained. But, it gets a ton of people on the floor. Your dj and dance instructors tell the line dancers to keep the outside of the floor open for the progressive couples dances, no? People use the corners and outside of the floor for WCS, too.
    And, hey, it can be really educational to watch how the women move before deciding who to ask to do one of the partner dances. (Yes, I'm single.)

    b19wh33l5, where in Pittsburgh do you dance? If I came back to visit, my family would be really happy (for a day or two, probably).

    Vince, what do you have in mind. Like, we could wear matching tan and dark brown outfits with a Dance Forum logo with the words "Ask me"? LOL
  13. Vince A

    Vince A Active Member

    Hm-m-m-m, not a bad idea!!! Shirts used to be available . . .

    I haven't given it much thought - yet! This past Wed night I was handed a list with 41 songs on it to learn by this weekend . . . I usually play guitar, but have taken on the role as a musician :cool: that plays bass in our church's worship team, so that's been taking much of my time this week! The reason for the many songs is that it is our fifth year as a church - one big long service!!!!

    Yea, shirts would work . . . business cards . . . flyers . . . tell all of your friends and have them tell their friends, and unless they know know you as Steve Pastor (doh???), they'd never know who you were . . . I tell just about everyone I meet . . . including non-dancers.

    Right now, I've been trying to secure a few Pros, but they say they "have no spare time to sit and write responses to a dance forum . . ."
  14. kayak

    kayak Active Member

    I think the participation gets split among the different forums. CW has a whole series of dances that cross lines. For instance, tons of CW dancers know WCS. Since there is a Swing Forum on DF, most of the discussion goes on over there. Do people participate in ChaCha on the CW forum, the Ballroom forum or the Salsa/Latin forum? They probably just go where the thread originated regardless of if they actually dance it at a CW venue.

    The people with the excitement and energy to particate aren't the pros but the up and coming amateurs. The pros can just visit another pro and get the answer. The amateur is like a spong and wants to know more without all the resources. So they participate in discussions. The pros will jump in when the amateur discussion starts to catch their interest. The Ballroom forum is an example. The champs only post once in a while. Most of the action is the college and proam dancers trying to figure out xxx.

    I agree with Vince. There must be 100 CW dancers for every ballroomer in the Colorado front range. For me, line dancing brings back bad memories of grade school. I just don't like it, but it does give a guy time to get a beer. However, it is certainly very popular especially with the women. Just like with the club dance/grinding threads, you could have a sticky for line dancing advice. I know several ladies that know well over 200 line dances. They line dance when there aren't enough guys and partner dance when there are :D
  15. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    Wasn't taken as at all argumentative T57, so no worries on that front. Also note that its not a matter of wanting to exclude anyone, but rather of recognizing that we can't be all things to all people. When we had a small group of people interested in fitness issues, for example, we spun off a separate Fitness Forums, just as we later created (although it seems to be having some technical difficulties at the moment) when there seemed to be interest in discussing those dance styles.

    Also keep in mind that the bigger we get the more time and energy it takes to keep track of everything, so from the outset has been intended to primarily be about partner dacing. And, as such, your pro-am example doesn't make sense to me, since the skills being practiced and judged still involve partnering regardless of who is being judged. Its really in this vein that the "same steps" by a line dancer don't strike me as what DF is about. I don't mean that we don't consider this dancing , only that it is not the type of dancing that DF has chosen to focus on.

    Hope that makes some sense, and please feel free to keep asking any questions you may have.
  16. Tori

    Tori New Member

    I got second in Female Teen Newcomer out of eleven. So I'm pretty happy. Moving up to novice!!

    Marks are:
    Triple Two- GG 1st
    Nightclub- G w/ H 3rd
    Cha Cha- GG 1st
    Waltz- GG 2nd
    Two Step- GG 2nd
    ECS-GG 1st
    WCS- GG 3rd
  17. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    Good for you Tori! :cheers:
  18. SuzieQ

    SuzieQ New Member

    Congratulations, Toni!
  19. Vince A

    Vince A Active Member

    CONGRATULATIONS . . . all of those gold graduates and you came in second?

    Those are some great scores, regardless of what place you came in.

  20. Taurus57

    Taurus57 New Member

    What VicTORIa didn't give us was the line scores. She should be extremely happy.
    1st place 5 points
    2nd place 7 points
    3rd place 13 points
    4th place 17 points

    It appears you two tied for 1st in East Coast and had she matched her in Two Step, it would have come down to an overall tie. Oddly enough, the country world has decided that Waltz should be the tie breaker, so I always tell anyone competing in CW "conentrate on Waltz as one of your strongest dances".


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