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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by Backstreet, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. Backstreet

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    Where can I find some Salsa songs on the internet? I want to get a better feel of the music. I just had my first class today and the music is totally foreign to me. I am very used to a hip-hop beat which is something that usually has a snare or type of drum beat which a person can follow.

    IE, Usher's Yeah song goes like BAH BAH CLAP, BAH BAH Clap -- Snoop Dog's Drop it like it hot goes Ta, ta ta ta, Boom, ta -- If that makes sense.

    Basically, what I am having trouble with in some of the songs is picking out the counts when they don't have a prominent snare or drum beat. Usher's Yeah, for instance, goes like 1 and 2, 3 and 4, with the claps (Drum) landing on the second beat.

    NOTE: I am not a musician :)

    Edit: I should note most of my dance background is popping and locking if you are familiar with it. If you've seen that show "So you think you can dance" you might be able to get an idea of what I am used to doing. I have done Ballet, Jazz, and Tap (And am still am) but Hip-hop is my main thing.

    Second Edit: What I mean by songs is either free songs I could download or perhaps a free online Salsa/Latin Radio station. Anyone heard of internet radio?
  2. bjp22tango

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    Have you ever heard of :google: ? :D

    Try salsa online radio station and you will find many.

    Salsa music is not always easy to dissect if you have not listened to it before, or if, like you, most of your music listening has been of another type. But you can learn to pick up the different rhythms the more you listen to it.

    Here are some topics about it

    I'm not a regular Salsa dancer, although I love to Salsa. You will probably be getting some more answers shortly from all the Salsa regulars, once they get back from dancing. :D Good luck, and have fun. [/b]
  3. tacad

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    Tomorrow I'll see if i can rack my brains to find a link. It broke down salsa pretty well. I don't have time tonight though.
  4. ash88

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    w w

    is a well known salsa radio station (remove the spaces between the w's though!)

    Good luck.
  5. mambonewb

    mambonewb New Member has a number of "stations" featuring Salsa music. If you go to their site, do a search on "Salsa", then take your pick!
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    What a cute little emoticon. Didn't know there was a own one for google. Nice.
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    'SALSA A-GO-SALSA' is one of my favorite stations. salsa from the 70s, and earlier. great stuff! no romantic songs, just good, solid salsa.

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