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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by pygmalion, Nov 22, 2003.

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    Squirrel, I knew what meant. :) With some of the new music, the magic is definitely not there or the element of romance during the dance seems to be gone. It's just there to appeal to the masses. However, the thing is, you don't hear Buena Vista Social Club, Afro Cuban Allstars, Africando (aside from "Yay Boy", think "Ken Moussoul Guis Li") Ruben Gonzalez, Larry Harlow or Raphy Leavitt played much in the clubs or on the radio. If you tried playing that stuff in the clubs (depending on where you live), I'm guessing that alot dancers would be ticked off.
    When Boriken says:
    I understand completely. The mentality is not about the music, it's about how many times you spin someone twenty times during the song. :roll: Alot of time dancers aren't even thinking about romance or the "essence" of the music and dance as Boriken says. They're more about dips and tricks and spins. So, unfortunately, alot of dancers (depending the crowd) would rather show off their skill to "Arranca En Fa" than "Idilio".
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    I think any song (or at least many of them) has its own flavor. And dancing to Idilio should be different than dancing to Arranca en Fa...

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