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Discussion in 'Salsa' started by esa negrita..., Feb 4, 2007.

  1. By the way, I found the video of Yanek:

    Oh my, so much more sabor than many of the on2 CLB leads who constantly interrupt their dance flow and just stand there to spin the woman, no matter how "famous" they are in the scene.
  2. Josh

    Josh Active Member

    I had the pleasure of seeing this group in person a couple of months ago and taking a class from them... watch from beginning to end if you can:

    It's columbian style, and it's just amazing. While cuban style has energy and good synchronization, I have never seen as much energy in a dance as in Columbian style... the feet move SO fast that you really can't keep up with it by just watching. And check out their synchronization with one another... that's not people remembering the music and what part they should be at in the routine, etc.. that's just dancing to the music! (with choreography of course)

    Try to dance a slot style with this song, and you just won't have the same dynamic and energy that you see here, because by this style by nature just has faster movement. It's amazing to see in person...

    One more thing.. Columbians are the most energetic, biggest fans of their style of dancing. Just listen to the crowd... these people LOVE their dancing and their style. Also, I got a feeling of passion and energy from this group and many other Columbian groups that I NEVER see from any other group.. it's like, "smooth, cool, laid-back... video cameras rolling...?--who cares?--heck no, I'm just gonna dance my butt off!".

    I don't know how to dance Columbian style, and the music doesn't appeal to me as much as other music that I like, but you HAVE to give props to this style, whether or not it's your thing...

    Edit: Check out this footwork too--
  3. naturallove

    naturallove New Member

    Good lord! I'd pass out doing columbian style! Amazing energy and footwork (which was hard to see on youtube). Back to the original poster, I thought the guy seemed like a very smooth lead. Unfortunately, my cumbia-type skills (talking about rock back footwork) have fallen off the more heavily I get into the mambo scene, but I truly enjoy a good lead who can work it cuban-style.
    ETA: That guy in the last clip is my role model! Amazing! Worked every beat of that music!
  4. MacMoto

    MacMoto Active Member

    Back to the original question:
    His name's actually Huo Yaofei (霍曜飞) a.k.a. David Huo. He teaches at Casa De David, Beijing.
    For more info, see & Fitness Centers/CasaDe/links.html

    Casa De David website:

    Yup. And I've come across many choppy, sloppy, yanky slot-style dancers too.

    Also, a cuban style lead will feel yanky if you are a slot-style trained follower -- simply because a slot trained follower has a habit of stopping where she deems to be the end of the slot, whereas cuban style hasn't got a slot, and moves are designed to work when the follower keeps moving around. If you stop, you end up in the wrong place, and your arms are yanked.
  5. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    SD, i get practically bored to tears by this dancing on the floor... i wanna cry...

    cubans are so great with footwork, tho. but it usually feels like they're just doin their own thing whilst holding hands. i'm like... hey! whaddabout me? you gonna do something interestin here or what? i think i'm gonna sit down now cuz you certainly don't need me around to do that...
  6. englezul

    englezul New Member

    Why do you have to assume I'm bad? I'm pretty good you know. But when I'll have one I'll send it to you first. With a red ribbon too, and a card.

    I didn't mean he was boring, I meant the style of dance is boring by all standards that I know of: variety, sophistication of movement, flow, speed, X factor, originality, excitement. Now that video has FLOW but it IS CHOPPY. Or Los Salsomanos style ^^. I could do that while wearing astronaut boots.:twisted:.
  7. samina

    samina Well-Known Member

    ftr, i didn't think it was boring to watch, either. it's just dancing with the style as compared to what i normally like...
  8. alemana

    alemana New Member

    josh, thanks for posting that. i had heard a lot about that performance and i'm glad to have seen it.

    and WOW WOW WOW. freaking INCREDIBLE - and i mean even without the tricks, which i hate on principle, the dancing was great, the energy great, costuming, presentation, synchronization big time.

    i'm grateful that salsa dancing hasn't been thoroughly homogenized yet. it's gonna happen - already is - but for now it's great to see different styles, especially when danced with so much enthusiasm.
  9. tj

    tj New Member

    Finally got to see the Columbian clips. Wow! ...I think I need to go lie down now! :cool: :cool:

    It almost looked a little like tap dancing technique. Can anyone with a more refined/knowledgeable eye confirm or not?
  10. alemana

    alemana New Member

    such different footwork, yeah. in the last week i've seen that clip and the one someone posted of the 'world shine' champ, who i think was/is columbian also... i see the similarities.
  11. tj

    tj New Member

    I think this is a good new topic... mind if I borrow it?
  12. SalsaTO

    SalsaTO New Member

    Salsa - Astronaut Boots - Flying Feet - Whatta Sight!

    If englezul does not have a video of him/her self dancing salsa with or without astronaut boots on earth or on the ISS, perhaps he/she can recommend his/her favourite salsa video and style that is posted somewhere on a public website. Or, perhaps post one showing that elusive perfect preferred style.

    Nothing like putting the hard cash on the barrel to make a point instead of ...

    We're from Missouri, the "Show Me" state, so show us. Faites-ton step as they say in Quebec.

    Huo Yaofei's video was such a compelling view, but not for a vast repetoire of turn patterns, body isolations, hair flicks, dips and tricks, xbls and multiple spins.

    It was a few moves done very very well, connected with a partner who was having as much fun as he was that made Huo's video so compelling. Breaks, basic turns, a little flirting and some walk arounds. That was it. Those moves can be taught in an afternoon.

    Add that driving Los Van Van beat - and I know that beat drives as I saw them, all 16 of them, in Toronto last December - and you have a winner.

    Executing those moves the way they did... takes a little longer. That comes from the soul, not an instruction video or an afternoon workshop. Anyone can paint, only an artist can create art and that is just what Huo did.

    My partner and I have done salsa shows, salsa competitions and I teach an absolute beginner salsa class. My partner was spellbound by how the two of them moved, the simplicity of their moves, and how Huo showcased his partner, letting her have fun too, yet sneaking a little of his personality into his dance. My partner really tuned in to how the two of them 'fed off their energy' to make those ordinary moves extraordinary.

    Style is a subjective thing, there are no standards to measure subjectivity. If one does not like something, then one needn't do it or watch it.

    Back to watching that video... energizing! Just like the bunny!!
  13. alemana

    alemana New Member

    tj - go for it.
  14. noobster

    noobster Member

    Absolutely. I especially love the bit between 2:00 and 2:30. Check out his partner's face when he does that anatomically creative series of moves. :D That's what it's all about!

    Dude. You just don't understand. :(

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