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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by Phil Owl, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. Phil Owl

    Phil Owl Well-Known Member

    This past month or so for me was a rough go health-wise, and what hurt the most was not being able to dance. Between getting hit with a nasty viral bronchial infection, pulling a muscle in my left side (from a nasty bout of coughing one night) and a thankfully short-lived intestinal virus, I was going nuts, and having to live vicariously by watching "Dancing With The Stars".

    Thank the good Lord that now, that's past, I'm healthy again and this weekend I'm returning to the floor with a vengeance! My side's still a bit sensitive but as long as I don't do anything outrageous I should be OK.

    Anyone else had experiences like this?
  2. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    when my pro went on vacation, I had a lesson on a saturday...and by wednesday I was back at the studio dancing with another pro and every am guy who would give me a whirl and every group class....and practicing with the girls etc....I didnt have a private for three and a half weeks and it really made me realize that not only do I LOVELOVELOVE dancing with him, but that I love dancing even more and nothing or no one person can aver change that short of the sort of physical incapacity you mention....but that is sort of one of the reasons why I dance and workout so much....I have incompetant cervix which mad me have to be on bedrest for all 9 months of both of my successful pregnancies...I lost two others... and so I gained over 65 pounds with each child and was in horrible shape...let me tell you buddy, I havent' sat down since the last one was born...and I dont plan on it ...our health is a blessing
  3. Medira

    Medira New Member

    I danced (ballet, tap, jazz, musical theatre, among others) for 20 years before ending up in a serious car accident. I broke my back (mostly severe ligament damage...but I'm also shrinking because I have no support in my spine), cracked 4 ribs, bruised 2 others and bruised my diaphragm, lungs and stomach. In addition to that, I suffered a serious concussion, minor brain damage (mostly frontal lobe which messes with my short and long term memory, as well as my moods) and numerous strained and torn muscles throughout my torso. The recovery process was long and brutal - 6 months bedridden followed by a year and a half of physiotherapy. The first thing I did when the physiotherapist told me I could start exercising on my own again was find a dance studio. I decided to try ballroom because I figured it would be less impact on my back than the solo dances. I've been hooked ever since and I'm almost back to the shape that I was in before I broke myself.

    I didn't realize just how much I missed dancing until I started ballroom. I knew I missed it, but I didn't realize the extent of the longing I felt to get back into it again.
  4. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    you are so remarkable really are
  5. RhumbaWaltz

    RhumbaWaltz New Member

    Phil, glad you're well and back on the dancefloor! :) Go easy on your sore side until it's fully healed.
  6. Medira

    Medira New Member

    :friend: :oops: Thank you sweetie. :)
  7. RhumbaWaltz

    RhumbaWaltz New Member

    Medira, your story of recovery is amazing and very inspirational. I'm so happy that you're dancing again!! :)

  8. Twilight_Elena

    Twilight_Elena Well-Known Member

    Medira, you're remarkable for how you managed to stand back on your own two feet. Cheers, girlie. :D
    And yes. You never know how much you miss dancing till life forces you to sit back and not dance.

    Twilight Elena
  9. kansas49er

    kansas49er New Member

    Wow. Medira, you are a remarkable lady. To overcome all that. Geez. I would probably roll up into a little ball and wither away. That takes some major willpower and determination. I salute you!
  10. Rosa

    Rosa New Member

    Medira, you are an example to us all. I'm so glad you got back to dance, and found DF. :cool:

    Rosa :)

    PS: I'm glad you went back to your old avatar, too. The other one was good, but didn't seem to 'fit' you as much as this one does.
  11. Rosa

    Rosa New Member

    Haven't had any serious injuries from dance, or anything else, thank goodness, but I've experienced that 'pulled-muscle-from-coughing' thing. It's so annoying! :evil: Doesn't seem like a real injury but it hurts and stops you from doing things.

    Glad to hear you're back. :D

    Rosa :)
  12. Medira

    Medira New Member

    Thank you everybody for your encouragement and positivity! :)

    Hehehe, thanks. :) The witch was put up there because that happened to be the kind of mood I was in at the time. :tongue: This one works too, until I find something else I like.
  13. chandra

    chandra New Member

    I have never been injured in a way that forced me to quit dancing, but in the last couple of months, I hadnt been dancing as much as I would like... I had forgotten how much I loved dancing untill the first couple of dances at a recent competition... It just reminded me how much I loved it!
  14. Keelzorz

    Keelzorz New Member

    Wow, Medira. Wow.

    I thought it was bad when I sprained my ankle on a botched swing ariel. The guy didn't realize how small I was, and severly over-twisted me, so I couldn't help but twist my ankle when I landed. Bad times - I was on a cane for two months after that. It was my first year doing collegiate ballroom, and it took so much work to not re-injure it. God, did I want to dance then! But in good conscience, I couldnt register for a competition while I was walking with a cane from a dance injury. I healed up fine, but I still stay away from the floor-slide-and-twist-lift trick. That was one of the big lessons in "woah, I'm breakable!"
  15. RIdancer82

    RIdancer82 New Member

    You were smart for not competing until it was healed. I, on the other hand was not so smart. I competed at UConn this past fall even though I had been on crutches and unable to walk 2 days prior. It seemed fine at first, but then I had to sit out Latin at the Brown comp since I was in immense pain halfway through american smooth and practically limped my way through the American Foxtrot semi's. Luckily I had some time for it to finish healing after that. But when it comes to injuries and healing time... I tend to be very stubborn, lol. If I ever (god forbid) injure myself again and then attempt to compete or dance too soon, please knock some sense into me. (and you have my permission to take that litterally too Keelzorz. lol.)
  16. Joe

    Joe Well-Known Member

    It's aerial, people!
  17. Twilight_Elena

    Twilight_Elena Well-Known Member


    Twilight Elena
  18. pygmalion

    pygmalion Well-Known Member

    *giggle* How do you feel about that, Joe? :rolleyes:
  19. Joe

    Joe Well-Known Member


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