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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by Twirly, Oct 7, 2005.

  1. maleva

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    My first favorite tango was "Te Aconsejo de me Olvides" by Troilo because it was the first tango I could recoginze at the milongas. At first they all sort of sounded the same! I also loved "El Amanecer" by Di sarli because of course they play Di Sarli in so many beginner classes and that is what I heard a lot

    There are so many great tangos. Now I love "Que te importa que te Llore" by Calo with Beron singing. It means 'what do you care that I cried for you?" The lyrics are very beautiful. You can find the lyrics here:
    this is a huge database of tango lyrics, you can find almost anything!

    Also, if you are interested in reading an interview with a musician on what makes tango a tango song and also insites on dancing to piazolla, check here:
  2. Twirly

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    That's funny - I heard Te Aconsejo de me Olvides for the first time yesterday. Nice.

    I think you're right about your first favourite song being the one you get to know and recognize. Makes you feel as if you actually know something and you're not a complete outsider anymore!

    We almost never dance to Di Sarli in my classes. I wonder why, as it seems so common in other classes?

    Thanks for the link to the interview as well, I really enjoyed reading it.
  3. maleva

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    I think they play di Sarli for beginners because the beat is really strong and slow. Sometimes I think it is too slow - it makes all the guys start walking like they are on the chain gang! :lol: But it is very easy to hear and some of the songs are nice. I know a teacher who puts on milonga in the beginner classes to get peoople walking.

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