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Discussion in 'Tango Argentino' started by PdT, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. PdT

    PdT New Member

    What's your favourite Tango website . . . and why?
  2. MadamSamba

    MadamSamba Member

    Hi PtD. Welcome to DF! Perhaps I'm a wee bit biased, but I'm a bit of a fan of DF's Tango Forum! :lol:

    What are your favourite sites? There are plenty of fantastic Tango websites to choose from, devoted to both Argentine Tango and ballroom Tango.

    The number doubles if you speak Spanish.
  3. SDsalsaguy

    SDsalsaguy Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome to the DF PtD! :D
  4. DancePoet

    DancePoet Well-Known Member

    PtD: The picture of the male dancer in black and the female dancer in red is a very nice avatar!

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