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Discussion in 'Dancers Anonymous' started by Peaches, Mar 16, 2006.

  1. Peaches

    Peaches Well-Known Member

    OK. Maybe it's just me, maybe spring is in the air or something, but I've been noticing a bunch of crush/relationship/flirting threads going on. So...

    What does your ideal guy/gal look like? What catches your attention?

    I'll start...tall (6'2"-ish), very thin, good posture, long-ish dark hair, dark eyes, olive skin, Roman nose. Beautiful hands. Did I mention the eyes?

    For the record, my dh looks nothing like that! lol. Except for the gorgeous eyes and beautiful hands. And, he's pretty tall.
  2. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    you know i dont even want to answer this b/c every crush I ever have has nothing to do with the looks and they have been all over the map....but if we are talking about what is most likely to make me drool...yes much like you said...lean muscular not bulky, dark hair, dark eyes, smells good....must go fan off now..must be smart
  3. NielsenE

    NielsenE Active Member

    quick smile, laughing eyes, long hair
  4. Laura

    Laura New Member

    I like geeky guys. Not so geeky that they cross the line into Bill-Gates-nerd-dom, but guys who look smart, act smart, and are smart. And they have to have kissable-looking lips.
  5. RIdancer82

    RIdancer82 New Member

    I don't think there's any one thing that does it for me. I tend to look at it as more of a package deal. It's how everything fits and works together from personality to looks to brains to whatever.
  6. Shooshoo

    Shooshoo New Member

    Ideally, Johny Depp, George Clooney, hmmm :p .
    In reality, I have to admit it's usually the whole package. I tend to get attracted to the energy which comes out of the person. Looks (short, tall, bald, long hair, light-skinned, dark), clothes (rugged-look, sporty-look, arsty-look, smart), etc don't really make a difference.
    I have to admit thought I am turned off by men who do not take care of themselves, e.g. eat too much, don't do any form of exercise, lazy, smoke too much, drink too much, etc.
  7. timbp

    timbp New Member

    Just coming into autumn down here. But I'm starting to get my work under control and I think after Easter I'll have time to start asking a few people out.
    What catches my attention is generally smile and hair (curly, long [past shoulders], red or dark).
    Ideal is tall (5'9 to 6'); lovely smile; long curly hair; red hair or dark hair (actually, I've not yet met a redhead I wanted to date [once I got to know her]); slim (but I like a bit of roundness in the belly).

    But generally if the entire package looks good, I'm interested regardless of specific preferences. And having the right looks just increases your chance of a conversation (which can be obtained in other ways). The people I've dated have attracted me on conversation and shared interests. The only woman I've dated who comes closing to meeting the criteria above was my very first girlfriend (does that mean something?).

    And I might add some further criteria: good tension and frame, able to follow, keeps smiling even when I totally stuff up a lead, asks me for a second dance when I've totally stuffed the first one.
  8. Twilight_Elena

    Twilight_Elena Well-Known Member

    Dark hair, bright eyes, a certain latino feel (I actually liked this before I started dancing!), warm hands and an inviting hug. Don't ask me what that means. They also tend to look like nice guys on the outside, and most of them actually are really nice guys. They tend to be quiet but with lots of humour and a certain spark in their eyes. Note how I'm not mentioning height. ;)

    Twilight Elena
  9. Sabor

    Sabor New Member

    ladies ... ladies.. i'm right here!

  10. Twilight_Elena

    Twilight_Elena Well-Known Member

    Admittedly, you seem to fit the profile... mostly.

    Twilight Elena
  11. Peaches

    Peaches Well-Known Member

    I'm absolutely right there with you on the package deal. I've known guys I thought were gorgeous until I got to know them, and guys that didn't catch my attention until I knew their personality. Like I said, my dh really has very few of my "ideal" characteristcs, but the person he is makes him the sexiest man in the world to me.

    But still and all, if I had to pick out my favorite physical traits, I've got some opinions! (Did somebody mention Johnny Depp?)
  12. Twilight_Elena

    Twilight_Elena Well-Known Member

  13. Peaches

    Peaches Well-Known Member

    oooh...can't forget John Cusak.

    Or Colin Firth--although the curly hair thing doesn't quite work for me. Hmmm...I guess I'd just have to content myself with staring into his eyes!
  14. Twilight_Elena

    Twilight_Elena Well-Known Member

    Somebody please stop this conversation, it's not working well with Aventura on the background... :shock:

    Twilight Elena
  15. Peaches

    Peaches Well-Known Member

    OK, I Googled Aventura, and gather that it's bachata music. I still fail to understand why this is clashing with convo regarding beautiful men.

    Apparently, I'm missing big things here, because in my world (dance) music + beautiful men = ...well, not quite heaven (reserved for other things ;-)!) ...but definitely nice.
  16. Twilight_Elena

    Twilight_Elena Well-Known Member

    Nonono. It doesn't clash. That's the problem...
    In other words, would you care to pick up my pieces from the floor after that dynamite cocktail? Didn't think so. ;)

    Twilight Elena
  17. Peaches

    Peaches Well-Known Member

    OH! Now I get it! Silly me.

    I say, why fight it! Enjoy the ride, and if it leaves you on the floor, just find a way to get comfortable.
  18. fascination

    fascination Site Moderator Staff Member

    johnny depp is sexy but not attractive...ya know?

    tony dovolani comes doggone close to perfect IMO
  19. SPratt74

    SPratt74 New Member

    I'm attracted to really dark skinned dark haired guys. I've only dated two guys in my life that were blonde. I also like a very soft toned not to muscular type of guy too. Yeah, I like guys that are built but not like spend countless hours at the gym type of thing. That's too much if you ask me. I also pay attention to the guy's smile, and to his eyes. You can read a lot about a guy if you look at his eyes and his smile. And the guy has to smile more than once too. He can't just fake it, because you'll know that the guy has problems if he has a hard time of just smiling. And oh, I love the guys that aren't afraid to flirt and that will take the time to make a girl feel good no matter if they are interested in them or not. I'm sure that there is more than what I can think of, but this is all I can think of for right now! ;)
  20. Shooshoo

    Shooshoo New Member

    Not attractive? What's the difference, if he's attractive, he's sexy, don't you think?

    (Johnny Depp in Din Juan DeMarco, Johnny Depp in Chocolat.....mmmm)

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