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    Dear dance friends,

    get moving with Dance for Good and do good for a great cause!

    The campaign is a fundraising initiative by Eric Gauthier, the choreographer and creator of the COLOURS International Dance Festival, the Theaterhaus Stuttgart and the Mercedes-Benz Bank. The campaign objective is to generate the most awesome and colourful dance chain ever – on the homepage of Dance for Good. The Mercedes-Benz Bank will donate five euros for every dance video that is uploaded. The donation will be going to an integrative dance and theatre project for people with disabilities.

    The best thing about the campaign is that everyone can participate and therefore automatically contribute to this great cause.

    Taking part is as easy as this:

    Step 1: Go to the homepage of Dance for Good and find a video to which you would like to add your own.
    Step 2: Record your video!
    Step 3: All you have to do is take over your predecessor’s final pose and get moving. Make sure to end with a pose which the next participant can take over and add to.
    Step 4: Once you’ve found the video to which you would like to add your moves, click on “Upload video”.
    Step 5: Share it on social media and nominate your friends! #danceforgood #movedbycolours

    Hundreds have already participated! You can also support this great fundraising initiative with your moves.

    Thank you so much and have fun!

    Your “Dance for Good” team
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