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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by ChelD, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. ChelD

    ChelD Member

    WOW!!!! What a show. Last night I got to see Yulia & Ricardo dance in the show at the Arthur Murray Superama in Chicago. They were amazing.

    They alternated with Agnes Kazmierczak and Urs Geisenhainer who were very good too. I particularly liked their tango.
  2. Musique

    Musique New Member

    any video?
  3. ChelD

    ChelD Member

    I don't have one, sorry. I did see quite a few cell phones popping up, so maybe someone else does.
  4. FeetwithaBeat

    FeetwithaBeat New Member

    Any results Pro? or Scholarships?
  5. ChelD

    ChelD Member

    I didn't get them all, but I have some.

    Pro Smooth
    1 Hunter & Maria Johnson
    2 Joe & Leisa Howard
    3 John Selby & Irina Chalkevich
    4 Peter Perzhu & Alexandra Ostapchuk
    5 Quinton MacAdam & Jill DeMarlo
    6 Kentaro & Rieko Yasuda

    Pro Standard
    1 Basil Issaev & Tone Jacobsen
    2 Ketaro & Rieko Yasuda
    3 John Selby & Irina Chalkevich
    4 Wojciech Lyzwanski & Amber Copeland
    5 Douglas Cason & Britt Evans

    There were only 2 couples in Pro Latin. I believe the results were as follows.
    1 Lukas Lisowski & Kristina Stykova
    2 Peter Perzhu & Alexandra Ostapchuk
  6. FeetwithaBeat

    FeetwithaBeat New Member

    Thanks Chel!!! can always count on you
  7. contracheck

    contracheck New Member

    Yes, I agree, we can count on ChelD. I wonder if she knows me though. I have a feeling that her team takes my competition videos.
  8. ChelD

    ChelD Member

    Contracheck, I don't know if I know you or not. If so, I haven't associated you with this name. Are you going to be at NJ State this weekend? If so, please stop by and say hello. I'll be at the video registration desk.

    That goes for any DF'rs who are going to be there. I know from threads here that there are often some others of you that are dancing at the comps where I am working/dancing. I just haven't been able to connect the names.

  9. contracheck

    contracheck New Member

    Thanks Chel. Although I competed in NJ Open for many yrs, I won't be able to do it this yr. My pro-am pro partner stayed in Hawaii for a month in preparation for Hawaii Star Ball, then she rushed to Chicago for Superama, returning to her home studio only 2 days ago. I don't think we have time to prepare for it. I don't know if you know a videographer named Glenn, but I often take classes with him in local studios in NJ.
  10. ChelD

    ChelD Member

    Yes, I know him. He will be on my crew this coming weekend. Sorry you won't be there.
  11. RockSolid

    RockSolid New Member

    I just posted a video of Yulia and Ricardo doing their first routine at the 07 AM Superama. The link is in video sub-forum thread. ENJOY!!:cool:

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