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Discussion in 'Ballroom Dance' started by dansa, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. dansa

    dansa New Member

    I just love Yulia Zagoruychenko, she is my number 1 dance inspiration...
    Im crazy about how she moves, so clean and gracious!

    I have been googleing her and nowhere i find info about her!
    Does anyone maybe know something? Like where is she from? When did she start dancing? Where does she live now and what does she do specifically? (dancing ofcourse but if she teaches etc..)
    Any kind of info about her!

    Thanks alot!! :D
  2. Ithink

    Ithink Active Member

    First, welcome to DF! Dobro pozhalovat':)

    Second, when I saw Yulia and Riccardo do a show a few months ago, the MC read off some bio tidbits for the audience while they were changing between songs. One thing I remember is that Yulia is from Ukraine (mostly because that's where I am from so that was a memorable fact:)). That she's been dancing since she was a kid and started teaching very early on (I think she was like 13 years old or something like that) in her studio in Ukraine because the studio owners recognized early on her talent for teaching. I remember that tidbit because I thought to myself how it would be to have to take lessons from a 13-year-old kid:)

    I believe she lives in New York now.

    Anyways, I am sure others know more...
  3. Joe

    Joe Well-Known Member

    There was a doctor reading to the audience? ;)
  4. 3wishes

    3wishes Well-Known Member

  5. GJB

    GJB Well-Known Member

    Yulia is from Belgorod, Russia.

    Max and Yulia have a website:

    She also has a myspace page but I'm pretty sure it's a fan site. The site has pictures and videos. I think the site is but I can't verify that right now (can't access from work).
  6. dansa

    dansa New Member

    Oh thanks so much for the link!! :D really been looking for something like that...

    Anyway, while we are talking about her, i dont know what you think but i think she is defenitly the best latin dancer! Does anyone agree with me?

    Also i always wondered, how she can move so clean and gracefully on the dancefloor? i mean, im just stunned.. Compare her with all the other topdancers she feels just above them.... Anyone can put that finger on what it is so special about her dancing? What does she do on the dancefloor that makes it so magic?

  7. Ithink

    Ithink Active Member

    My bad. I remember them saying she was from Ukraine during their show but I guess I misheard (or heard what I wanted to hear:)).

    She truly is amazing and the best female dancer I ever saw dance (and I've seen Carmen, Beata and Karina dance live). I think what's amazing about her is her balance and her speed but what sets her apart is how feminine and, at the same time, athletic her dancing is. I don't think anyone combines the two the way she does. I could watch her back and legs for days! And I am a standard dancer, lol:)
  8. dansa

    dansa New Member

    yeah i agree! :)
    it must be like you say her balance and speed that gives that little extra.
    i always thought karina smirnoff was the best dancer in the world, and then when i saw Yulia, i think she is just above everyone..
    Im starting to believe that its impossible to be able to move like yulia, cause her sense of dancing is just unique!

    i would really like to learn how she can just sort of fly over the dancefloor and be so light and every step looks so simple and easy and clean!
  9. chica latina

    chica latina New Member

    It's a matter of preference. She is amazing and unique , but I dont consider her the best female dancer. What I like about the top couples is that they are all great in what they do, but different from one to another... and at the end you can choose which style you prefer.
  10. Some guy

    Some guy New Member

    Well said.
  11. Tangoqueen

    Tangoqueen New Member

    My best friend is from Ukraine as well, I'm from Belorus! Nice to meet you! :p
  12. Rugby

    Rugby Member

    I love her dancing too and she and Ricardo are both very nice people.
  13. IndySpinner

    IndySpinner New Member

    There was an excellent interview with Yulia and her partner Riccardo a couple months ago from Dance Notes. There is also a DVD auction of Yulia and Max DVDs going on at the dancenotes website. Yulia is my favorite female latin dancer, and I had the fortune of a coaching lesson with her last December. I also had a coaching lesson with Riccardo last year, as he frequently visited Indianapolis. What a fun world ballroom dancing is :)
  14. dansa

    dansa New Member

    Oh i would love to read an interview with yulia...
    i dont understand how come i dont find any info on google!
  15. guille_bdancer

    guille_bdancer New Member

    There was an article about them a while back on DanceBeat. I'm sure if you contact them they might be able to provide with that issue. Talked about her and Max and when they came over to the US and their success they achieved.
  16. Tangoqueen

    Tangoqueen New Member

    Yulia is definitely one of the best Latin dancers in my eyes. Her footwork is impeccable and her body can do just about anything! I loved every showdance she and Max did for OSB! Especially the Matrix one last year! I hope Riccardo and her do as well or better then Max and her. :cheers:
  17. sambanada

    sambanada Active Member

    Yuliya is really a great person. I have met her in Europe, and have seen perform in Jersey. I remember her standing out when I saw her. She just has it. There is a junior dancer, Daniella, who is very similar to Yuliya in style. I remember seeing Yuliya when she was younger. This girl is quite similar in style. Yuliya is definetely from Russia because she used to represent Russia in competitions in Europe many years ago. I saw Karina live when she was younger. I also think she is a fabulous dancer. Yuliya and Karina are actually quite similar in their footwork. Karina is just more edgy, while Yuliya is more graceful. Whats interesting is that she is dancing with Ricardo similar in style to how she used to dance in Europe. With Max, there was something different.
  18. BasicsFirst

    BasicsFirst New Member

    Only just announced... Riccardo and Yulia will be performing the show at the 2009 La Classique du Quebec (Feb 12 - 14, 2009) in Montreal. Yes as always, the show is ONLY on Thursday night.
  19. dansa

    dansa New Member

    By any chance,
    anyone knows what shoes Yulia is sponsored by and what she is normally wearing?
  20. dance234

    dance234 New Member

    shoes, Ray Rose.

    costumes - when she was with Max, she was sponsored by AD Couture. you can see many of her old costumes for resale on their site. i don't know who sponsors her now with Riccardo.

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