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Date Added: January 18, 2006 01:55:18 PM
CategoryMember Galleries
Published by: fascination  [More photos from fascination]
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mamboqueen:January 18, 2006 16:04
I hate to say it, but you guys don't look like you went on the same vacation!!! How'd ya get so tan???

fascination:January 18, 2006 16:12
dh is a person of the shade....btw...the margarita in the next pic was for you MQ...(I hve a yellowish skin tone...dunnow why...and I tan in a snap...

mamboqueen:January 18, 2006 17:01
I spend all this money on self-tanner and you tan easily...ugh...!!!

fascination:January 18, 2006 17:09
yea but i'll look like an old hand bag by 45


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