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Shorty George

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Shorty George

Description: Me doing the shorty george. I just liked my arm/leg/torso alignment in this shot - though the face does look slightly demented, hmm...
Date Added: January 24, 2006 09:38:31 PM
Published by: It's Wonderful  [More photos from It's Wonderful]
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Indiana_Jay:January 25, 2006 15:51
Never heard of the shorty george!

It's Wonderful:January 25, 2006 16:20
It's a jazz step popular in Lindy Hop. Basically you bend your knees and shoot them out to either side as you take small steps. Then there's styling like bending your torso, pointing with your arms, and rolling onto the outside edge of your outer foot with each step. Hm, a little difficult to explain online! Hope that makes sense.

Indiana_Jay:January 26, 2006 13:36
Sounds difficult to do, as well. Haven't seen Lindy yet (except for the demonstration on DWTS a couple weeks ago).

It's Wonderful:January 26, 2006 14:35
It's not so hard, it just sounds a little unusual when you try and put it on paper! ;)


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