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Zaragoza, Spain

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Zaragoza, Spain

Date Added: August 21, 2006 12:05:48 PM
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Published by: delamusica  [More photos from delamusica]
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cornutt:August 21, 2006 16:47
Fascinating! Such history. As a bit of contrast, let me offer this tidbit: for years, Zaragoza was the location of an important Space Shuttle emergency landing strip. It was one of four places where the Shuttle could land after crossing the Atlantic if it had an engine failure early in the flight. I used to work in Shuttle payload ops, and many times I heard the CAPCOM say to the crew during the launch, "Two engine Zaragoza, 104". (Meaning that the Shuttle had gone far enough that it could reach Zaragoza from that point if an engine failed.) Interesting to see what the city actually looks like!

delamusica:August 21, 2006 17:36
There's a ton of history there - it was definitely my favorite city in Spain. It's one of the oldest cities in Spain - it was originally a Roman colony. The word "Zaragoza" is actually a degraded version of "Caesar Augustus"(Phonetically "See-zer Ah-gus-ta" > "See-r Ah-gus-ta" > "Ser-ah-gohs-ah"), making it the only city in the world bearing his full name.

There are ruins in the city from a bunch of different cultures. The kings of Aragon allowed the Muslims to stay in the city when the Christians took power, and there are a bunch of Moorish-style buildings that were shared by the two religions. In the 1970s they discovered the remains of a Roman theatre in the middle of downtown. And there are bits of castles to be found in alleys all over the city.

I've got a bunch more pictures of the city (we did most of our concerts in that area) - pm me your email address if you're interested in them.


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