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Dancing with Krysta & Lily

Description: Lily =s DF's own bouncybouncywee
Date Added: November 24, 2003 06:13:54 AM
Published by: SDsalsaguy  [More photos from SDsalsaguy]
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borikensalsero:March 13, 2009 10:22
Lilys hair looks like it would have used you as a punching bag SD... Or maybe its just me, but it looks very very long... Hope you faired well, long sweaty hair on the face really hurtzzzz... :)

SDsalsaguy:November 25, 2003 0:14
Heya Boriken...Lily's hair wasn't wet so did not prove problematic. One of my old salsa partners, Rene, had hair almost as long so I got quite used to ducking and/or blinking according to what I was leading.


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