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Bond, James Bond

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Bond, James Bond

Date Added: February 27, 2004 12:16:33 AM
CategoryMember Galleries
Published by: TemptressToo  [More photos from TemptressToo]
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DancePoet:March 31, 2004 3:04
Nice shot! I'm curious as to what the story is behind this picture?

(Are you two dancing Tango in this shot? Or maybe something Latin? ;) )

And by the way, I viewed your website, and wanted to mention I liked the picture in which you are wearing the pale pink dress. Very nice!

TemptressToo:April 05, 2004 17:23
Actually, I was there as a supporting model for the male model. He was updating his portfolio with some more diverse looks and he needed a "Bond girl" type to complete this look. I happened to be available that weekend and volunteered as a friend. I even had to drive some two hours to make the shoot.

We ended up with some really fun stuff, so it was worth it. ;)


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